Using Watercolors with Stencils : A Card Project

Stencils + Watercolors


I’m so excited to be a part of The Crafters Workshop Design Team and to share my first post:)  I’m a huge fan… so it won’t be hard for me to create with and promote something I already love!!

Here are the stencils I used for this project:

TCW389 Fancy Feathers

TCW389 Fancy Feathers

TCW313s Mini Life Shapes

TCW313s Mini Life Shapes

Stencils + Watercolor

I pulled out my favorite travel set of watercolors...Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box

Laying the Fancy Feathers Stencil on top of a sheet of 140 Lb. Watercolor paper, I wet my brush and began to add color.

It’s important to keep a fairly “dry” brush when using watercolors with a stencil, to keep the color from “migrating” underneath and “muddying” your design.

I keep a paper towel close by…

Wet your brush by dipping it into water, load up with paint then take off the excess water by lightly stroking the brush onto a paper towel.

Vary the color intensity by how much color you load onto your brush.

Stencils + Watercolor

If you want less “bleeding” try to keep a little bit of a border as you paint…in other words, take the color close to the stencil design edge without touching it. Sometimes, I actually want that “bleeding” effect…it just depends on what you are “going for.”  Don’t stress about it…it looks great either way!

Stencils + Watercolor Stencils + Watercolor

Stencils + Watercolor

Next, I added detail with a black Pitt Multi-liner pen (xs), then cut each feather out.

I had recently purchased a set of blank white cards at Michael’s so I used these for the base, and added a cut square of vintage book paper for the background.

(You could certainly cut your own cards making them any size you like!)

Stencils + Watercolors

I cut a strip of water color paper and attached it with a simple glue stick.

The small dot “doodles” were created by using the mini life shapes stencil.

(TCW313s Mini Life Shapes)

Stencils + Watercolors

Achieve a random design, by choosing only a few circles to color in.

Stencils + Watercolors

Stencils + Watercolors Stencils + Watercolors

Stencils + Watercolors

Hope you feel inspired to add some watercolors to your next stencil project!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. I’m taking the Watercolor Online Card class. One of the things they left out was outline your watercolor like you did. I love the look!

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