Kilnformed Glass Using The Crafters’ Workshop Stencils


Hello Creative Peeps……

I am beyond excited to bring you my first tutorial with The Crafters Workshop Design Team.  Have you noticed all the amazing talent we have here? This makes me do the Happy Crazy Bunny Dance….

How do you use TCW stencils with fused glass art? I am a full time glass artist by day and a paper lover by night.  I could not think of a better way to show you my passion. Kiln- Formed (Fused) glass art. There are so many ways to use TCW products artistically. Just requires to think outside the box.

Note: This is a very brief description of the kiln formed process and requires many more steps that I did not go into here.

Here we go.

Step 1: Making the glass part sheets.

Using a sheet of Bullseye French Vanilla glass, Bullseye powered black accessory glass and a sifter. Lay TCW Subway Stencil on top of the french vanilla glass and sprinkle the black power over the top. Carefully lift stencil and place into the kiln for firing. This is one of my very favorite TCW stencils.

TCW343 SubwayTCW343 Subway

Step 2:

Cut the pre-fired  part sheets into 1/2″ strips.

What the part sheets looked like after first firing.

Part sheets cut up.

Step 3:

Arrange the strips of glass in a pleasing manner.

Add clear glass to the top of the strip cut glass. Then next to that add a sheet of white glass and on top of the white add Oregon Gray transparent glass. Make sure the glass is really clean as whatever is on the surface will fire into the glass.

Now it is ready for a full fuse firing in the kiln. This process will take approximately 15 hours to ramp up to 1490 degrees and cool down to room temperature.

Kiln viewed from top looking down.

Step 4:

Add the lacy pre-fired powder glass to the surface. Fire the glass art at a tack fuse firing, Approximately 1350 degrees. Another 15 hours in the kiln.

Step 5:

Add a mounting system onto the back of the glass to hang on your wall. ENJOY.

Take care and thank you for stopping by.



The Crafters Workshop Design Team






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