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Hey there again, It’s Lydell with you today with another Project to share.  This one comes with a Tutorial on how I did it.  Its such a fun way to use a stencil!

Heres my page. TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-14   I chose a stencil that had nice open spaces and that was not too intricate, as I knew it would be cut out.  THIS rose stencil was perfect.   TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-1 Tape the stencil to the back of a sheet of cardstock to hold it securely in place.TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-2 Trace the pattern with a pencil.  I found a mechanical pencil worked great as it stayed nice and sharp. TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-2a TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-3

See the traced Pattern above……


Next get a nice sharp blade to cut out the traced lines.  A craft knife works best.TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-5

I cut out just a portion of the pattern, even though I traced the whole stencil,

I think design- wise this will look nice.


Now get another sheet of cardstock and tape it down to your work surface with a low tack tape.  You will be wetting your paper quite severely and without it taped down, you will get too much warping as it dries.


I used Shimmerz Paints.  I know these are super easy to clean up, so I was able to work directly on my table top without staining.  (So be mindful of this!)


I wet my paper first with water in a spray bottle, and then added areas of paint, tying not to blend the colours too much…….I dried this off with a heat tool and resprayed over and over until I got the depth of colour I liked.


When it was dry I removed the tape.  You can see how little warping there is.


Lay the cut out piece over the top.  Pretty!!!


I sewed the Cut out piece down to the water coloured piece. (I went around the perimeter of the sheet first, making sure the pieces were lined up perfectly- thus making it easier to sew all the little areas down flat.)

Ever so relaxing sewing in front of a sunny window.


Completely sewn down.


Here are some Close up’s of the Project.


The actual Layout design is quite simple, leaving the detailed Background able to stand out.

TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-15 TCW-Lydell-Quin-LO-16

Such a fun process!

Hope this inspired you to try some cut outs using your stencils.

Thanks for stopping in today.


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