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Hi Everyone. It’s Karenliz. I live in Connecticut and the winter weather has been very cold and snowy. The best part of the winter is playing in my warm art room and with Ronda Palazzari’s new stencils Wildflowers (TCW433) and Climbing Vine (TCW428) I created a spring time canvas.

First I added dictionary paper, acrylic paints on the canvas and then added the Climbing Vine stencil with white spray paint.


To add the Wildflowers stencil I decided to use deli paper (deli sandwhiches are wrapped in it). If you haven’t used it you must try it. You can get it at any kitchen supply store or I bought mine from Amazon. The best part is when you glue it down its disappears!


Once the paint was dry, I cut it up so I can glue the individiual flowers on the canvas. I usually play around with the way I want it to look before I glue them down.


What flowers were hanging off the edge I glued to the sides. Here is a close up and you can see the paper doesn’t show.  This was still a little wet but when it’s dry its translucent.


I was going to add details and dimension to the flowers but I loved the watercolor look. I then added some butterflies which I popped off the canvas.


I hope this puts a little spring in your day! This stencil already had plently of paint build up on already. You can use it all or just parts. So much fun!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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