Christmas Fun: To Shrink or Not To Shrink

Hi Everyone Karenliz here.

Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? I was twelve when they showed up in the market place. I thought it was so cool to watch it in the oven as it shrunk, curl and then lay flat. Did you know Shrinky Dinks were created by two housewives in Wisconsin originally for their sons’ cub scout project? How cool is that?

For these projects I used Grafix Shrink Film, Abstract Leaves and Picture Perfect Stencils, Sharpie markers and my heat gun.

First, I traced the abstract leaves on the shrink film and colored with markers and punched a hole in each leaf.  Using a pin through the hole I attached to a piece of foil covered cardboard.


The leaves on this stencil are about 3 inches long and very easy to cut out for this project.  Using my heat gun I watched the magic. I felt like a little kid again!


Look how tiny. So cute. Now they are the perfect size for an embellishment. I decided to add them to a gift envelope after I painted the envelope red paint and used the Shattered Circle stencil with silver and pearl paint.


I also used white spray ink on the envelope for the look of a little snow. Here is a close up.


I’m having a family party after Christmas and we give eat child a cup to keep with their name on it. The problem is that they still lose the cup. This year I thought they would keep track of it more if they had a little gift on it.  Using the same steps above this is what the camera looks like now.


With a little camera in different colors hanging from cups it will be easier than writing their name and they have a little gift to take home.

I had so much fun with the shrink plastic and it may show up during the party so everyone can play. Do you remember making Christmas crafts when you were little?

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wondeful Holiday!


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