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Hi there! I have been addiceted to glitter recently. I don´t normally use that much glitter on my projects, but at the moment I just cannot get enough of it :-). I have quite a few tubes of fine glitter at home from my earlier scrappy years and I haven´t been using them that often (mainly, probably, because I end up having glitter all over the place..even on my face :)..). Well, that was until I realized that I can make my own glitter paste with them. Maybe you have already thought of that, but in case not, here is the short (and easy) how-to for you:

Glitter paste is very easy to make. You just need to apply some transparent struckture paste on a palette and add some glitter (in any color) over it, then use your palette knife to mix them together and you are ready to go. For this card I used white glitter, but pink, green, red and yellow also look really nice! SONY DSCNext you just take a card, art journal page or any other project you want to add some glittery shine to, place a stencil over the surface and start adding the paste (I used the “Cut Circles” stencil for this card). SONY DSCThen just remove the stencil, wash it throroughly and let the paste dry. I was impatient and could not wait for the paste to dry, so I carefully heated the paste with a heat gun and it worked out really well. You just need to be careful not to heat too long, because the paste will develop bubbles (unless that is the effect you want to achieve, of course).SONY DSC

After the paste was
dry I sprayed some spray
ink on the upper edge of
the card and let it develop driplets (love that look!).
Using Distress Inks/Distress Stains would create a cool resist look – I need to try that next :).

Then I just added some stricker borders, a flower and a sentiment for decoration and my card was done. And that shine looks even nicer in real life – hope you can see some of it in the closeup photo!

I also experimented with another stencil (Baubles) and various glitter colors. The brown one looks kind of dirty here, but I think it might look nicer when you use it with smaller patterns. Need to try that out later :). SONY DSC
I covered a whole 12×12 inch paper with glitter paste and will use it on different projects later. The next card background is cut from that piece of paper. I really like the green and white glitter look!!
I hope you will get inspired and try this yourself. I find this  a good way to use loose fine glitter. Using it in combination with transparent struckture paste is not messy at all!

Happy stenciling!!
xoxo, Sanna

5 thoughts on “DIY glitter paste

  1. I want to make glitter paste to cover my walls how much glue do I use to how much glitter and what is the best glue to use is it PVA glue that turns clear ???

  2. I was thinking about buying some from create and craft. There’s is washable and cold water on fabric. Have you tried the DIY with fabric, or anything else washable such as acetate or glass.?

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