Happy Birthday to me!

cakeSo this is what was waiting for me for my birthday when I got to the office today.  Do you get it? TCW361 Tiny Circles!!!!  On the top!! A stencil!! On my cake!!

Z:CustomersCrafter's WorkshopLasX MODIFIED DrawingsTCW361TinI know! Right? Only Melissa would think of that!!

So lest you think this is some sort of store bought concoction, let me set you straight.  Melissa made her very favorite Devil’s Food Cake recipe cake (2 layers thank-you-very-much), and in between she put this awesomeness of buttercream frosting….But wait! There’s more.  This was no average buttercream frosting. No sir-ee.  Last week I happened to suggest that perhaps we celebrate my birthday with Kahluah (why Kahluah? I don’t know, it just sounded like a good idea at the time.)

So Melissa decided that she would make this homemade cinnamon/Kahluah custard sauce (which, by the way, she first smeared on the bottom layer of the cake PRIOR to frosting the two layers together).  But wait, she didn’t just stop there!!!  She proceeded to make her all-butter buttercream frosting (no margarine, no shortening) just butter, vanilla and powdered sugar.  And instead of whipping in the milk at the end, she whips in that custard.  OMG!  Like nothing you’ve ever tasted before in your life!!

And finally, let us not forget the finishing “TCW touch” of scraping grey-colored buttercream frosting through our favorite Tiny Circles stencil.  Yah! Because she hadn’t put enough hours into this creation already. Right? But who am I to complain? Every single bite was divine. A little chocolate cake alone. A little frosting alone.  A little cake WITH frosting. A little frosting WITH cake.

My dad is known to say, “dessert is the quietest time of the day”.  And this is why.

Thank you, Melissa, for making this most delicious birthday cake for me!  And thank you, Lysa, Karen and Ginny, for keeping it a surprise!! What a great start to a new and wonderful year!! -Jaime


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