Abstract Leaves Stencil + Cardboard = Stamps

Hi Everyone Karenliz here.

I still carving cardboard and decided to try using the cardboard as stamps. Using the Abstract leaves stencil I carved three leaves and then cut them out of the cardboard to use them as three different stamps.


Using distress paints and water on my craft sheet I put the leaves in the paint and then onto my paper. These will not be crisp stamped images but they give you that watercolor look.  I even carved a couple of green leaves out of cardstock to add to the layout.


Once the paint is dry on your new cardboard leaf stamps, you can use them again. I find the cardboard gets pretty wet and it will loose it’s stamp affect unless you let them dry. The best part is the paint build up on the cardboard because you start seeing lots of different textures.  Now it’s your turn to find your cardboard and start making stamps!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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