LifeBits photos!!

As promised, here’s my best attempt at uploading photos from yesterday’s blog post. image
Here’s the photo showing what the sprayed and molding pasted (is that a word?) journal card looked like sort of before and after.

And the promised shot of my thumb. (As you use the white gelpen it starts to gunk up. Well really the ink is like paint and the paint starts to dry on the nib. So every few minutes you/I need to un-gunkify it by rolling it on your/my thumb. I don’t know why, but skin seems to work better than paper or paper towels. Don’t ask.)

Like I said, this technique is definitely geared to product-maniacs vs the less-is-more folks. Yes, I know I have a problem. But the good news is, I have a lot of company!! Thanks for dropping by.

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