Summer 2013: Captured, Hearts & Arrows, and Ceiling Tile

Ronda Palazzari TCW Stencils

It’s Ronda here again.  The photo was taking at CHA and the booth looked amazing with all the new stencils.  I am standing in front of my wall of stencils & samples acting dorky as usual.  Are you ready to see some more new stencils?  They are already hitting the stores, both Brick & Morter and online.  I have already shared:

Today’s stencils include Captured (TCW 392), Hearts & Arrows (TCW 396), and Ceiling Tile (TCW 393).

Ronda Palazzari Captured TCW 392

Captured is a great mulit-use stencil.  I love the individual shapes on this stencil.  The picture frames can also be made to look like smart phones as well.  Each of these images on the 12×12 stencil can fit neatly into Project Life Pages as well.  Use the tiny shapes inside the frames as accents to any project.

Ronda Palazzari Captured

Here’s a look at both sizes.  Wouldn’t the camera make a great mini album cover?

Ronda Palazzari Stars Ronda Palazzari Stars details

On my Stars layout, i used both sizes of the frames.  Some are watercolor images while Anthony’s photo was placed in the center one as my focal image.  Around the edges i used light modeling paste for my stars as a great accent.

Ronda Palazzari Hearts & Arrows TCW 396

Hearts & Arrows is a great border stencil.  With so many options to add to any of your projects.  You can use them in a row or indvidual pieces.  I could use this one on every creation.

Ronda Palazzari Hearts & Arrows

On these two tags you see the 6×6 and 12×12 versions.  The 6×6 is clear embossing paste and the 12×12 is black acrylic paint with modeling paste.

Ronda Palazzari The Sweet Life Ronda Palazzari The Sweet Life details

On my sweet layout, i used the 6×6 stencil both directly on the layout as well as on some deli paper.  I love how these borders add so much to my page.

Ronda Palazzari Ceiling Tile TCW 393

Ceiling Tile is a great intricate stencil.  It reminds me of old abbeys with beautiful stained glass windows or victorian homes with those tin ceilings.  I completely adore this stencil.

Ronda Palazzari Ceiling Tile

Of course it comes in both sizes and you can see how lovely it looks in color.

Ronda Palazzari Gift details Ronda Palazzari Gift

The Gift layout was lots of fun to create.  I love the colors bursting through the back of the layout.  The stencil image is actually the white acrylic paint.  Doesn’t it look like stained glass?

Ronda Signature 75x50


3 thoughts on “Summer 2013: Captured, Hearts & Arrows, and Ceiling Tile

  1. Wow! The stencils are amazing! The examples of them in use? FABULOUS! I have a hard time finding your stencils online, but I will hunt these down! Gorgeous! Love the photo of you in front of the wall of stencils!

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