Hello Cookie….Countess!

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 1.00.50 PMI know. mmmmmmm!  These are cookies!! And she used STENCILS!!! (TCW381 Quatrefoil, TCW322 Chunky Chevron, TCW220 Wonky Circles. See below).

TCW381 Quatrafoil lo res2piecechevronTCW220 wonkycircles

Yes, these are just a few of cookies made by Hillary at the Cookie Countess.  She has classes too (for you lucky people who live in Connecticut!!) What I’m getting at is this, those stencils you have, our stencils, they’re good for so many things it makes my head spin! Like COOKIES!! Or maybe dusting sugar or cocoa onto a cake!! Or maybe swiping icing through a stencil (think: Modeling paste!!) or rolling it on top of fondant to create texture…definitely getting hungry now!

Now before you pull your gunked-on stencils out of your drawer, let me preface this with a statement of the obvious – ONLY USE BRAND NEW STENCILS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN USED WITH ARTS AND CRAFTS PRODUCTS. That makes sense, right? ‘Cause you can’t be too careful about the after-effects of chewing on acrylic paint. ‘Know what I mean?

And of course, make sure you wash our stencils with hot sudsy water and dish detergent before ever using on food.  Now “have at it” (as my Anglo friends would say!!)

And, sorry if I just rocked your world. It’s my job. Couldn’t help it. And no, I don’t know how many points are in that left-over icing you just ate. Not my job.

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