To a “T” Dollar Craft: by tami sanders


Tami Sanders here today to share a project with you… I appreciate Jaime inviting me to be a guest blogger for a few days here on TCW Blog!

I love to find ways to incorporate TCW stencils in my crafting whether I’m stamping, papercrafting, scrapbooking or making a decor or jewelry project. The Crafter’s Workshop stencils are very versatile and can be used with tons of techniques and a multitude of mediums.

Today’s project transforms a plain jane painted wood “t” from the dollar store into something a little more special. Typography continues to be a hot design trend, and you can create interesting decor for your home by embellishing letters, whether vintage or new, metal or wood, paper or plastic, using different methods and products.

My letter gets it’s facelift thanks to the TCW BROCADE Stencil – TCW195s, ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink, ColorBox Mix’d Media Chox Inx, Molding Paste and a little elbow grease.

Take a look at the letter fresh from the store – can you say WHITE? Boring!

tcw - t raw - tamisanders (1024x683)

A thorough sanding of the edges and top distress the letter and give the surface some “tooth” for the inks and paste to hold onto…

tcw - t sand - tamisanders (1024x682)

Next, the letter receives a base coat of color using ColorBox Chalk Ink in Chambray…

tcw - t prime - tamisanders (1024x683)

NOW it’s time to STENCIL! Grab your favorite TCW stencil, some molding paste and a palette knife. Then lay the stencil over the letter, add a glob of paste, then use the palette knife to smooth it across the stencil, removing any excess…

tcw - t paste - stencil - tamisanders (1024x683)

Continue moving the stencil and applying paste until the surface is covered with as much design as you want, then set it aside to dry…

tcw - t paste - tamisanders (1024x682)

I used the TCW BROCADE stencil for this project, because of it’s flourish-y, damask design. And although I love the FULL design of this stencil…

…my favorite way to use it is in parts and pieces. Take a look at the TCW stencils you have with NEW eyes and you may find NEW ways to use them!

To finish my letter off, ColorBox Chox Mix’d Media Inx: Butternut, Petals, Blue Jay, Pomegranate and Sparrow were used to tint the paste designs.

tcw - t ink - tamisanders (1024x683)

I selected ink colors to give my piece a vintage look and feel, and blended the ink colors together to soften the look. Here’s my letter once all her “makeup” was on…

tcw - t finished - tamisanders - wm

I like how some of the inks get on the surface below the paste designs and blend with the background color. If you don’t want to ink up your background, just use a light touch when inking the paste…

tcw - t finished cu - tamisanders (1024x683)

I hope this project got you thinking about what YOU can alter and make uniquely your own using stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another project!


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