Kelly Grace’s gorgeous pants!

IMG_1548First, let me say that I’m not usually photographing women’s legs/thighs. But this was just so incredible that I needed to share! This is our sales rep, Kelly Grace.  She lives in Canada and has so much energy and creativity that it oozes out of her.  Here are her black pants that had a minor stain on them.  So sad.  So what did she do? She grabbed her TCW382 Garden Gate 12×12 stencil and went to work.  She used her Lumière Graphite paint with a little black mixed in.  Slowly and carefully dabbing onto the stencil, onto the pants. I think she said she used some wax paper inside the pant so that it didn’t bleed through. Then she used Viva paint pen for the final “texture” beads on top. Awesome!!

Basic CMYK


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