Easy “Mod” Scrapbook Layout Backgound

Hey! It’s Lain Ehmann of Layoutaday.com. I’m primarily a scrapbooker, so I love to find ways to incorporate templates into my scrapbooking layouts. The TCW265s Mini Ringlets was perfect for a “mod” background on this artsy layout. Who needs patterned paper when you have TEMPLATES!? 🙂


It’s super-simple, and easy to adapt to any template or style. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

1. Lay your template over a black piece of cardstock (do you like my glittery, paint covered spray box?):


2. Spray over the template with a spray ink such as Mr. Huey from Studio Calico (I used Calico White):

two3. Depending on your preferences, use a lighter hand. As the white ink is absorbed quickly into the black cardstock, I used three passes of ink for a more complete coverage:

three4. Remove the template carefully.

four5. After you let the paint dry, grab some colored pencils or pastels, and color in some of the shapes left by the template. I stuck with a palette of yellow, white, and pink. Lighter colors look especially smashing against dark cardstock:

five6. After you’ve colored to your little heart’s content, admire your work!

six7. Then just use your background as you would normally use a piece of cardstock or patterned paper. You could cut it apart, die cut it, use it on an art journal page, make it into a card, wallpaper your room… you get the idea:

finalYou’re done!

I hope you enjoyed this idea. I’d love to see what you create using your templates.


2 thoughts on “Easy “Mod” Scrapbook Layout Backgound

  1. I was searching for a specific “stemplate” and look who I found?! Gorgeous creation, Lain! Love how you colored in parts of the circles, totally gives it a fresh feel. Gonna have to give it a try : )

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