Urban Landscape Cookies

Using a Ronda Palazzari's Crafters Workshop stencil to make cookiesCarolyn Dube blew me away with her “Urban Landscape Cookies” post on her blog. I just had to re-post it and pay homage to a woman after my own heart.  So here goes…you can read more on her blog, “a colorful journey”.  And Carolyn, I’m sorry to hear about your “quandry”, send me your mailing address and I’ll make sure you have an extra stencil for use with things like Modeling Paste and Spray Inks!! -Jaime

Who knew a cooking class would actually get me to cook!  The instructor showed us how to make tuile cookies.  The batter was spread onto basic stencil shapes cut out of plastic lids and all I could think of was how the batter felt like modeling paste and I had the perfect stencils at home to do this with!  FYI, tuile cookies taste much better than I imagine modeling paste tastes…

Ronda Palazzari’s Urban Landscape inspired a dessert made in honor of all the people shoveling on the East Coast after Nemo dumped mountains of snow.  My husband and kids did love playing Godzilla as they scooped a building and “snow” onto their dishes…You would think they were all 5 but no, much much older than that…

Word of caution- stencils that have ever been used with any type of non-food item (paint and spray inks for me) cannot be used with food.  Kind of common sense…

I had a box of brand new stencils waiting for me so this was my golden opportunity to bake with them!   Mix up the batter.  Mixed media in the most mixed sense!   On a silicon mat put your stencil down then spread the batter on top.  Remove the stencil and bake the cookies.  How easy! When they come out of the oven they will be very soft but as soon as they start to cool they will harden up.  Once they were cool, just microwaved a bit of frosting until it was runny like paint and used the other part of the stencil with a basting brush and added the chocolate details.

Using a Ronda Palazzari's Crafters Workshop stencil to make cookies-1

Now I have a huge quandary.  I love this stencil.  If I use it for art, I can’t use it for making cookies.  Art.  Cookies.  (You may actually be able to hear my youngest hollering COOKIES since her vote is for the edible…and she is the one who ate the missing building…)  Art.  Cookies.  I just can’t decide!

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