Happy New Year Tammy Tutterow!!

tammytutterow-the-secret-25At first I just saw this saying on a tag Tammy Tutterow made and I thought “YES! we all need to count our blessings”. Great thought for the new year.tammytutterow-the-secret-15

And then I saw those little numbers and thought “hmmm?”

And then took a closer look and saw my little friend, Basketweave TCW210.


I know this is totally out of order as far as Tammy’s tutorial goes, sorry about that. I think I multitask too much that I end up doing first-things-last and last-things-first! Sorry. You’ll just have to go to Tammy’s blog and read it properly. But in the meantime, this is the beauty she created in the end.tammytutterow-the-secret-1

Can’t wait to see you, Tammy!! And to remember that when I count my blessings, I’m blessed to count you among my many blessings.

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