Giveaway Week – Day Two

Hi everyone!!

Ready for more giveaways? So let’s get on with day two:

TCW353 Sunray

This is another one of my very favorite stencils from this show. It’s so versatile that it can be used for the focal image and for wonderful background patterns. My favorite kind!

To win a chance to receive this stencil at 6×6 size, please leave us a comment and if you want to have an extra chance to win, you can also Like our Facebook page. (Please note that these are brand new stencils and are not available yet. You will be first in line when they start shipping.)

In your comment tell us one thing you’re grateful for this week.

Come back each day this week for more giveaways. All the winners will be announced on Monday, January 21.


54 thoughts on “Giveaway Week – Day Two

  1. Really like this stencil and see a lot of possibilities, landscape, flowers, starburst (just to name a few). I am grateful for the internet and the ability to see and read about others that love creating. Thanks for a chance to win!

  2. i am grateful that even though the flu is running rampant through school, none of my 3 kids, nor myself have gotten it! i’m just starting to like stencils and i think this would be a perfect one for me since i am such a sun baby!

  3. Great stencil. I am truly grateful for Jesus who will never leave me nor forsake me and my wonderful husband who loves me.

  4. One of the things I’m grateful this week…besides the awesome opportunity to possibly win a stencil from you…is living vicariously through my friends who are at CHA. I’m spending way to much time checking FB and Twitter…LOL!

    Over all…one of the things I’m most grateful for is the wonderful bloggers who post both print and video tutorials. I learn so much from them.

  5. I love this stencil and can see many uses for it. To name one thing I am grateful for this week is hard as I am grateful for many things but I guess one thing would be my health.

  6. Hi! Thank you for this great opportunity to win this beautiful stencil! That is something to be greatful about! I am also very greatful for al the artist who put there work and videos on the internet. They give me so much energy and inspiration, i am totally addicted to artjournaling for instant, and the first time i see some artjournaling was on youtube. It opened a whole new world for me!
    Greetings, Wanda

  7. OMG! That stencil has possibilities!! I see backgrounds, crowns for faces, wings for things, flower parts! I’m grateful for my family.

  8. I love your stencils–you have got the best designers out there! I am grateful for the fact that I can pray and that prayers are answered!

  9. I am lucky that I have so much to be thankful for – my awesome husband who encourages me in my creative pursuits, four wonderful sons, fabulous daughter-in-law, precious granddaughter, sweet kitty and physical and mental health are at the top of a very long list. I am truly fortunate. 🙂
    I have many of your stencils and am excited to see the new designs for 2013.

  10. I am very grateful for my hubby’s job. Its so wonderful to be taken care of so I can stay home with the babies all day. I have a hard working man! I am blessed!

  11. I am grateful that my husband is such a great cook and while I was sick over the xmas holiday he did all the cooking. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  12. I am grateful to be employed. I can’t imagine what it is like to struggle every month to make ends meet. I am so grateful to my parents for sending me to college and starting out my life with no debt!!

  13. I am grateful for health. We’ve had brushes with various colds and flus, but no one in our home has been down and out with it, or extremely unwell. I pray it stays that way. I’m grateful that TCW, one of my fave mfr, is doing giveaways this week!

  14. I am grateful to have so many crafty friends that share in my love for this art! I love spending time creating with them and sharing tips and techniques. I used this stencil at a make and take at CHA and LOVE it!

  15. I am grateful for my health. I’ve seen so many people in my mom’s rehab facility (she broke her hip) that are in such bad shape. Fun stencil! I love suns.

  16. The possibilities with this stencil! I am in love with the art deco feel to it!! One big thing I am grateful for is how quickly Crafters Workshop ships after CHA (unlike some companies who ship 3 months after it!). Also grateful that I am a grown up and can handle waiting a few weeks for these to hit the stores (If I keep telling myself this perhaps it will be true and I won’t feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas….)

  17. Love the funky stencil! I love everyone of your stencils though 🙂 I am grateful for internet this week as I would have missed out on so many great ideas and inspiration from CHA. Being from a small island in Eastern Canada, we are very very limited to scrapbooking and crafts ANYTHING! I really miss the big city shopping, workshops, scrapping groups etc. Online shopping is pretty much a must here if you want any fun new supplies.

  18. I think this is my favorite new stencil!!! I am very grateful for my two boys and that they are happy and well.

  19. Here in Germany we do not see the sun a lot at the moment as we just had snow and it is rather foggy and dark, but these stencils would give me a little hope for spring to come soon …. Annette

  20. I am grateful work isn’t so crazy and I can get caught up on some paperwork! Loving all the new stencils!

  21. I’m headed for Florida next week, can see this stencil in sunrises and sunsets. I’m grateful for my healthy, happy family.

  22. I’m very grateful that I actually had time for art this week! Things have been busy and I’ve had to fight for every minute.

  23. I’m grateful for my health, it’s not been the best these past couple of years but i’m still here fighting x Love this stencil, soooo need it

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