Use Stencils with Anything!

Hi!  It’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzer here!  I thought I’d remind you that stencils can be used with almost any art medium!

Spray Ink:

Molding Paste:

Colored Pens:

Copic Airbrush:

Patterned Paper (trace and cut):

Acrylic Paint:

Distress Ink:

Stencils open up all of your art mediums and make it easy for you to be successful with them!

What’s your favorite medium to use with your stencils?

P.S. Seven of my new stencil designs are featured in the photos above!  🙂

22 thoughts on “Use Stencils with Anything!

  1. I’ve used them with acrylic paints, spray inks, molding paste, gesso and just plain water…for ghost prints, No favorite…love all the mediums I’ve tried. I need to try the rest of your suggestions….thank you for giving me more ideas!

  2. I think I would have to say using molding paste with my stencils is my favorite, but paint/ink runs a close second. I am completely addicted to stencils and can’t wait to get my hands on the new releases by Crafters Workshop!

  3. I mostly use mine with Gesso, which I have mixed with paint or ink. Although I have also used them with mists and paint.

  4. Great reminder of ways to use stencils. Ahhh, so that’s why I haven’t seen those designs before … they’re new! Love them!

  5. I just started using stencils – the first time I used spray washes, but after watching Julie’s video on stencils, I’ve tried everything she uses in the video. I am having so much fun!!

  6. I primarily use mists and gesso but thank you for the reminder to try it all. Looking forward to seeing your stencils in the stores.

  7. Gesso (put on with a sponge) is good to use with your stencils, and then before the gesso dries you turn the stencil over and “print” it onto another sheet of paper for the negative/positive stencil image, which you let dry and then use as a resist for distress inks etc.

  8. I have to try the gesso and molding paste techniques. Love texture! So far my favorite technique is using pan pastels, my most challenging is spray inks.

  9. I like to use them with gel medium and use that as a resist with a wash of acrylic ink or paint. I really like the smooth shine the gel medium has. Also Pan Pastels are great too along with all the other mediums already mentioned.

  10. I have lots of stencils and they were put away years ago, but I am dragging them out as you have inspired me to look at them in a different way and expanded that world with all the mediums I wouldn’t have thought to have used………….

  11. I like to use molding paste that I’ve colored with acrylic paint through my stencils. I also like to use ink from a stamp pad applied with a finger dauber. I’m a bit to much of a control freak for misting! Love your new designs and all of the ideas you share with us!

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