Introducing Silhouettes by Dina Wakley

Hi friends, Dina here! I have been wanting to do silhouette masks for a couple of years…thanks to The Crafter’s Workshop, they are here! I love cutting silhouettes from magazines, but have found they don’t last long. Even if I coat them with paint or gesso, they eventually disintegrate. Once I cut a silhouette, I get attached to it and I love to use it over and over! These masks are made from the same durable material as all TCW stencils are, and can withstand any mixed-media abuse you throw at them.

The silhouettes will come in both 12×12 and 6×6 sheets. Some have 2 figures and one has 3 figures.  7 figures in all. I’ve been using them like crazy, and I know you will love them! They are part of my January 2013 release at Winter CHA. Can you sense my excitement? Yay!!

Hope you love them as much as I do,

16 thoughts on “Introducing Silhouettes by Dina Wakley

  1. Cannot wait to get my paws on these!!!!!! Congratulations on this new release….still loving the previous release! 🙂 I could not be happier for you, Ronda, and TCW!

  2. You must of read our minds! I have been wanting something like this for a while…actually since I first started following your designs…they are fantastic! Can’t wait!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Good question, Betty! CHA is a trade show that’s open to store owners and product distributors. There’s no “cash and carry” at the show (ie: you can’t buy one of this and one of that, and take it home with you like at a stamp show or scrapbook show.) Instead, you set up an account with a vendor (usually by showing your business license), and then you’re required to order a minimum total dollar amount ($100, $200, etc…) and you have to purchase each item in minimum quantities (our stencils sell in packages of 6’s…6 of the same style, same size.)

      CHA is where many manufacturers (like us) premier our newest styles for the season. Store owners “shop the show” and place orders for things they think their customers will like. So, if you like something, let your local retailer or e-tailer know. Maybe it will end up on their “must-have” list and they’ll purchase it for their store. And if they get their order in soon, they will have it in their shop by mid-February (or sooner!!) ps: I like the silhouettes too!!

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