Name that stencil!!


April Lopez is our winner!! She posted on our Facebook page: “Garden Gate”. Congrats April!!!!!!!!!

Help! We can’t think of a good name for this new stencil. Can you?? If we choose yourname, we will send you a 6×6 and 12×12 of this very special design (after February 1st when they’re all in stock!!) Post your comments here.

If you already posted your answer on Facebook, then that counts.  No need to post again. Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

13 thoughts on “Name that stencil!!

  1. I’ve just posted my idea – Notre Dame – at Facebook. I don’t know if it is necassary to do it here again. 😉

  2. this reminds me of the spades, diamonds and hearts found on playing cards so my vote is for “Trump” as the term in bridge

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