Melenia from Greece

I think I need to go to Greece. It’s always been on my “to-do” list, but all of the sudden I’m seeing beautiful work using all of our templates. I need to go.  I like Greek food. I like the beach. I like to sit and sip coffee.  Good, dark coffee. And add some paper and fun media, I’m set!

Melenia sent me these links and images. Wow. Beautiful. I’ve linked each image to her blog posts. My Greek is non-existent.  So I’ll assume she wrote something like: “oh, I love The Crafter’s Workshop templates. When I’m not enjoying beautiful Greece, I am playing with each and every template that I own.  Dreaming about more templates…” Or something like that. I’m sure that’s what she wrote. Right?

3 thoughts on “Melenia from Greece

  1. Let me tell you, Jaimy, Greece LOVES TheCrafter’sWorkshop’s templates!! It’s not only I or Vicky Varvadouka who use them, a lot more greek gals do!!
    Yes, you put it very well: in my free time I play with teh TCW stencils and dream about the next I’m gonna buy!!!! Thank you for having my work here, it’s a huge honour!!

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