Friday Awesomeness – Giveaway Time!

Ready for another giveaway?!

First off, we apologize PROFUSELY for the delay in announcing the previous winner. You can’t see it but in the last two weeks, we’ve done a major move here and there’s been some cleanup that came with it. It was unexpected and unplanned. We’re all set now and (hopefully!) there should be no more hiccups. We appreciate your patience with us!!

Without further ado, the recipient of the giveaway from last week’s giveaway is:


Rita Timmons  on 2012/06/30 at 3:45 pm

The chevron arrows are definitly going to make it into my shopping cart!!

Rita, please contact us so we have your address and can get the stencils to you when they are out.
Now, on to this week’s give away! How about some letters and numbers this time?

I am crazy about these stencils!
So like last time: To win a chance to receive BOTH of these stencils at 6×6 size, please leave us a comment and if you want to have an extra chance to win, you can also Like our Facebook page:

In your comment tell us “What’s a stencil you’d like to see in the future?”

Please note that these are brand new stencils and will not be available until around August. You will be first in line when they start shipping.

We will leave this open until next Friday!


58 thoughts on “Friday Awesomeness – Giveaway Time!

  1. Love, love, love all of these new stencils. Just need to know where to order. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  2. I would like to see a stencil with a lot of hearts shapes in different sizes.
    I also liked your Facebook page.

  3. I would like to see more nature type stencils with birds, trees, barns, etc but must say I love all the new stencils, the doily ones from Julie are especially nice. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Before this release, I would have said hexagons. Ocean waves with details? Also a mountain with details.

  5. Love all your stencils; I think the human face would be an interesting idea! Or, as previous suggestions nautical themes and little buildings would be brilliant. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I’m loving all the new stencils. I think I would love to see paisleys or more boy themed stencils.

  7. I’m still learning. Must search your web-site for tutorials. I love what others do, I need practice.

  8. Hi ! I love those new stencils.
    In the future, I would LOVE more stencils designed specifically to create backgrounds.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Love these stencils! I like to see more retro type designs. like paisleys, stuff from the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s

    liked you on Facebook too!

  10. Wow, Love that new stencil…
    My Wish list:
    *Small asian symbols of words like Peace, Love Create…
    * More mixed letters & numbers
    * More script text
    *Different size chevrons (they are so hot)
    * Arrows different sizes & shapes
    *More Grunge Hearts
    *Grunge stars

  11. These number stencils rock! Would love to play with them and appreciate the chance to win them. I would love to maybe see some owls on a template in the future…or some Polaroid frames!

  12. I’m crazy about your stencils (specially the Balzer Design ones)! One idea I think I’d like to see on stencil is anatomy: maybe a skeleton, or body parts such as the bones of the foot and such…

    An I’ve liked you on FB since forever!

  13. I’m loving all the different ways to use stencils on my card projects. Paint, spray, texture mediums and old fashion embossing with a stylus if it doesn’t fit in my CB machine.

    These are two great stencils. Loved seeing your cover photo with all those delicious variety of stencils!

  14. Thanks for the chance to win, love all your stencils…. Is there a stencil that you haven’t made already!!!! LOL!! Maybe something with a sewing theme, buttons, needles, thimbles, notions of some type…

  15. Wow, love these stencils. So many wonderful ideas here….buttons, barns, owls, phrases, I would also like to see whimsical houses for mixed media.

  16. I love ALL your stencils. They are all just fabulous. Would love to see some vintage and modern transportation options, specifically automobile and motorcycle templates. Would also love to see outdoor activity themed templates (like rock-climbing, hiking, camping, mountains, wildlife, wildflower, wildlife paw/hoof prints, lake and stream scenes, fishing, fly-fishing, cottages); and here are some others I’d love to see: quilt patterns, vintage cameras, typewriters, etc., vintage silhouettes, religious symbols (all different religions), vintage board game themes, cowboy themed, more florals (lily, rose, hibiscus, carnation, more). I think that’s a pretty good list! 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  17. I love your stencils — I use them almost daily. It might be nice to have stencils with words or quotes. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  18. Love all your stencils!!!! would like to something with water themes, tropical, and maybe the states or map? Love it, love it!!!

  19. Love all the stencils and what I would love to see in the future is some “3 step Camera templates”. I have so many ideas on templates I have started a journal LoL!!!! Can you say addicted!!!

  20. i love these stencils.. I just wish that i can get these,along with all the other stencils..
    For new ones, please do some eiffel towers stencil,along with some french themed letters on it.. That would look really great.

  21. I have a growing passion for your stencils! I’d like to see trees and hearts even with different sizes:) Thanks for a chance to win this fantastic prize! I’d be beyond thrilled if that’s possible!

    ~Vanessa W

  22. I absolutely love these stencils, all of them. Until I started watching Julie, I just bought all my papers. The manufacturers will hate you since I make my own now. It’s costing them thousands!! LOL. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of them! Can’t wait til they go on sale!

  23. I just bought more TCW stencils today – love them! What would I like to see in the future? Hmmm…. I love the graphics you create like chicken wire/hexagons, harlequins and tiles. What else would make great backgrounds? Hot air balloons? Wave patterns?

  24. Your letters stencil is fabulous!!
    I would love to see skylines and birds in flight. A ginormous ocean wave would be cool, too.

  25. Love the new stencils and stamps! I would like to see various fonts in sizes and the waves to put them into with various sizes.

  26. Love all your stencils and can’t wait to get them and use them. Everyone has commented with such good ideas for stencils. I was thinking of a stencil of f various buildings, city scape, skyline

  27. Love these!! Can’t wait to try some out. I’m new to mixed media/art journaling and everyone recommends your stencils. I would love to see steam punk style stencils!

  28. I think I’d like to see some seasonal shapes like acorns and leaves, pumpkins, that sort of thing. Maybe…

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