Friday Awesomeness – Giveaway Time!

Now that you’ve seen the amazing new stencils coming very soon, how about we give some away?

I will start with doilies because they have a soft spot in my heart and I love using them on my art. So, today, you have a chance to win both of these beautiful stencils at the 6×6 size:


To win a chance to receive BOTH of these stencils at 6×6 size, please leave us a comment and if you want to have an extra chance to win, you can also Like our Facebook page:Β

Please note that these stencils will not be available until after the CHA show, so around August. You will be first in line when they start shipping.

We will leave this open until next Friday (when there will be another giveaway!)

342 thoughts on “Friday Awesomeness – Giveaway Time!

  1. Love it!!! Stencils are part of my every day crafting! I can’t live without them! Thank you so much for the chance to win! I can’t wait to see all the CHA releases!

  2. Oh my…these are wonderful…thank you for the chance to win them…I could see these being used to make some awesome backgrounds for my scrapbook pages and on canvases…love them!!

  3. I love doilies too. I even collect old ones at antique stores and tag sales. These look like a lot of fun.

  4. oHHH! I really like them both but I think my favorite is the first, something soothing there. Thanks for creating such possibilities!

  5. Just gorgeous! Loving the doilies, can’t wait to see the rest of the new range. I’ve liked your Facebook page so I can keep up to date with the new releases; I wouldn’t want to miss any of this creative goodness!

  6. Those are soooo gorgeous and are a great addition to your wonderful collection of stencils.

    The doilies will be mine eventually, one way or another.

  7. Stop making all these great stencils! Just kidding, lol. I love them! I NEED them all. πŸ™‚

  8. I love, love, love these. I use stencils for all sorts of crafts from paper to cakes etc. These are exceptional for that purpose because of the beautiful detailing. Can’t wait till these come out! πŸ™‚

  9. thank you for the opportunity to win two great stencils. Each doilie has a unique design one is light & delicate – the other a bolder & intricate pattern. Wow when can we see all your new designs?

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE Julie’s designs!! They can be used in SO MANY WAYS πŸ™‚ These are beautiful and would a wonderful addition to my ever growing Julie stencils – lol!

  11. Doilies, did someone say “doilies”! My absolute fave product to play with. Would just love these new doilies. Thanks for the opportunity. Sue

  12. I love CW stencils (I must have 30 or more), and I can’t wait to get my hands on these! Julie’s designs are just amazing πŸ™‚
    Thanks for a chance to win!
    (Oh, and of course I like you on Facebook!)

  13. I would love to see these stencils in a matching die cut too. So great for layering and 3D mixed media art!

  14. These are so beautiful. As a crocheter and art journaler, I’d love to use these in my art.

  15. ohhhhhhhhhhh I would love to have these as my local scrapbook shop doesn’t have them and they are a bit hard to get thank you for the chance to win them πŸ˜€

  16. Oh, I NEEEEED these for my backgrounds! And I hope they work with powdered sugar on baked goods, too!

  17. Your stencils inspire me! I’ve used real doilies as stencils, but they are really difficult to reuse and I can’t find a great variety. I CAN’T WAIT to try these!!!

  18. Was looking for doily stencils… and these are awesome… Hoping I get lucky for once… Waiting… πŸ™‚

  19. These are awesome!! Love all your stencils, but I especially love doilies πŸ™‚


    Carmen L

  20. Doillies are very “in” right now. I’ve been using a lot of crochet ones on my LOs. Have been thinking of getting a stensil so this would be great. Xoxo

  21. These are SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait to get my hot little hands one some of these!!!

  22. Ohhh what I wouldn’t give to get my hands on some of these… A perfect way to chase away the cold winter her in Australia… Playing with new TCW templates!!

  23. I’m a newbie with your stencils…they are very lovable but now these doilies are to die for…..

  24. I’ve just discovered the use for stencils thanks to Julie and
    these doilies would be perfect on my cards and scrap pages.
    A true must have!

  25. Thanks for the chance to win. I so love Julie’s stencils and have a ton of Stencils from TCW…awesome with spray mists for sure.

  26. These are too gorgeous. I can’t get enough of Julie’s stencils, so thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Every time I hear the word “doily” (is that how you spell it ????) I get a FLASHBACK to the time I was in 4-H and I made a toilet paper tissue holder using 2 doily-ies … one on the top and one at the bottom and then you take ribbon and weave it up and down through the edges of the doily (which were made of plastic) … do not forget to first take out the cardboard roll in the middle of the toilet paper and cut a hole on the top doily for the tissue to come out of …… Can never have enough doily…ssssss !!!!

  28. Really like Crafter’s Workshop stencils…..and these new ones are no exception. They are beautiful.

  29. As I said on your FB page, I’m so glad I was introduced to your products! I’d love to win one!

  30. I was so excited as soon as I saw these wonderful stencils. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Geli Arts gel plate and these stencils will make for some beautiful printed papers to use in my collage art. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to win your amazing stencils.

  31. Love these new stencils – so much to choose from. Thanks for posting so many videos illustrating different techniques – your company is great!!

  32. These stencils are great….Julie, you ROCK! can’t wait to see all the new fabulous designs! Yay!!!!!!

  33. As a crocheter, I am always looking for ways to incorporate designs like this into other art projects – lovely!

  34. My Art Journal would love to be friends with these beautiful doilies. Please make
    my Art Journal happy

  35. I LOVE all of your stencils and would feel so happy to have anything you created. These are so gorgeous. You are just so amazingly talanted.

  36. Oooooh, very cool! I like how they’re doily-like but interpret the structure a bit differently.

  37. I am so in love wit doilies right now and would LOVE the chance to play around with the stencils. They would be perfect with some modeling paste…delightful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. I just found your blog through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog – I am looking forward to checking it out and I would be delighted to be entered in the contest!

  39. I love, love, love stencils. I have lots of them and want even more. I love these. I love color and making backgrounds.

  40. I love those stencils! I’ve been using real doilies in my artwork for a long time. Thank you for the chance to win them and for all you do to make art fun and accessible.

  41. Doilies….I remember the beautiful hand crochet doilies all over my Mother’s house when I was growing up. Under lamps, on the arms and backs of chairs and sofas, etc. And I remember the long day she spent cleaning them. First she hand washed them, then starched them, then I would help her stretch each in on a special board and carefully pin them to the board. When they dried all full of starch, they laid so flat and perfect. The stencils would be a great addition to my growing stencil collection.

  42. As Crafter’s WS grows, it gets better and better. I love that you continue to add designers who bring their talent and diversification to your products. Hope to see you again sometime soon. Thanks for the chance to win these very pretty stencils.

  43. These are awesome, love all the CW stencils and must admit I have a slight addiction! Thanks for a chance to win!

  44. I liked you on FB. I don’t know why I never thought of looking for you there before! Thanks again for the chance to win!

  45. Hi, I am just new to Art Journals and so as yet do not have any stencils, but I have been browsing your shop and there are soooo many I want!! These of course are no exception…they are gorgeous!! Who can go past a doily!! Have now also found, liked and am following your facebook page also. Thanks so much for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  46. I would love a chance to win the stencils – they are awesome – I love all that Julie Fei-fan Balzer does! Thanks for giving the opportunity & the preview!

  47. It’s general knowledge that The Crafter’s Workshop produces the BEST stencils available anywhere. I especially LOVE your Julie Balzer stencils! The doily stencils are just awesome, so of course I’d love to win them! I can’t seem to create without using one of your stencils! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  48. OOOOH…I love stencils and these are simply fantastic….gotta have them and would love to win! I’m fairly new to art journaling and these would make a fantastic addition to my growing collection of stencils!

  49. Oh my, stencils and doilies! My favorite things to play with. Can’t wait to see all the new stencils and would love to have these. Thank you for the chance.

  50. Oh my gosh, the doily stencils are great! I have purchased many of Julie’s TCW stencils. I love them all. Can’t wait to get hold of these.

  51. These are so pretty, thanks for a chance to win them! I own of few of your stencils already and enjoy them.

  52. After looking at the new stencil releases coming …. more than 40 “oooing” and “aaahhhhing”…um…..sounds of a stencil lover!!!! It’s kinda like crafty reading of 50 Shades of Grey.!!!!!

  53. Oh I LOVE those doily stencils by Julie!! Simply LOVE her work anyway! I really need those stencils!
    Thanks for the chance,
    Grandma Nancy Sapp

  54. I’m love, love, loving these stencils. Our main scrapbook store closed πŸ™ so I really hope that I might win them——————–so much fun to play with

  55. Pre-CHA is such a torturous time of year!!!! so many sneak peaks of items that I want/need NOW!!!! I would love to have these beauties. And I really “like” your facebook page too.

  56. These are just beautiful stencils as are all of the Crafters Workshop stencils. I have been getting a couple at a time as I can afford more. I would “Love” to add these to my little collection.
    Annie in DE

  57. These stencils are awesome. So maybe in the fall these will be available in stores. These are wonderful designs.
    Aloha, Kate

  58. ooooo these would be such a nice departure from the geometric squares that are in my current projects (guys aren’t too big on doily type shapes) I would love to try them out for myself

  59. I’m awaiting a shipment of TCW stencils that i ordered last weekend! These doilies would be a perfect addition to my new collection!

  60. Love the new stencils Julie. So many ways to use the doily. Have 8 CW’s stencils. Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. Yay, new STENCILS!
    I have a large collection of your stencils, find them easy to use, and fun for all ages. I take mine to OFFCenter Community Arts Project here in Albuq, NM and people love them. We use recycled papers, books, maps and transform them into cards.
    Thanks Crafter’s Workshop

  62. Well after scrolling down all the way to the bottom of the screen weeeeeeeeeeeeee
    can i just say I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve dollies and yes please for the dollies :O)

  63. just when I thought the CW stencils couldn’t get any better…..voila —you have doilies. Thanks for offering a chance to win.

  64. Love stencils and use them daily. I have been looking for dolies…would love to be have them in my collection!

  65. I LOVE your stencils!! Thanks for the chance to win those gorgeous doilies!! P.S. Liked you on FB

  66. Wow, I love these stencils! Thanks for the chance to win. I am heading over to FB to like you.

  67. You have absolutely got the greatest stencils! You are so talented and I love reading you blog every day! Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Oh how I would love to win these. I am new to the stencil thing and have been lusting over several of The Crafter’s Workshop ones. They are absolutely divine, just like everything Julie Balzer creates πŸ™‚

  69. Your stencils are beautiful. I love doilies because they remind me of my grandmother who used to crochet them. I still use them in my home. Thx for the chance to win them.

  70. Glad I found your website. Liked you on Facebook. Here’s to a chance to win your lovely doily stencils. : l

  71. Doilies connote elegance…plus, they entertain the eye!
    Thanks for continuing to create beautiful projects.

  72. Very cool stencils. I use doilies now but they get soggy after several uses. It’d be great to have permanent ones!

  73. What I wouldn’t do to win these beautiful doilies. You have out done yourself once more and if I win them I will show you how I plan to use them.
    Keep on making more lovely stencils for us so that we can make incredible
    journal pages.
    Thanks you so much,

  74. OMG…..Love Julie.
    Love stencils.
    Love doilies.
    These stencils are perfect. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

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