Subtle sprays with Stencils

Zarah is one of our readers from Sweden.  I love when she sends me little links to her blog.  Here’s a layout that she did just before the new year:

Take a look at the paper she used.  It’s a heavier, watercolor type paper.  Those types of papers really know how to take wet media like sprays.  They don’t get all soggy and sad when the water hits them. And the colors tend to really pop off of them instead of grey-ing out.
Notice how she also did a little spraying on that tag too, and a little on the doily.  What I like most is that the photo (although small) is truly the center of attention.  All of the spraying and embellishments just complements the layout instead of distracting from it.

To see more of her layouts, here’s her flickr link.

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