Karen Ellis

Karen Ellis, one of our favorite (favourite) Canadians created this layout. It was featured in the Canadian Scrapbooker Backstage Pass blog with Jackie Ludlage.

Can you see the Stars and Circles template in purple? I know you see the Reversed Chickenwire!! (One of our faves here at TCW!!)

Click here to read Karen’s post on the Canadian Scrapbooker blog, and click here to see more of Karen’s work on her blog!!

2 thoughts on “Karen Ellis

  1. I just heard about your templates. I don’t know which chicken wire to purchase to get the effect I want-the reverse or the regular? Does the reverse mean the ink fills in the holes and the negative is left of the chicken wire? Thanks

    1. are you trying to get the effect you see on this page? For that you want “reversed chickenwire” for that one, ink fills in the “wires”

      if you want ink in the holes, you want “chickenwire”

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