Color Color Color!

Hi everyone, Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here to share another creation.

Those of you who know my work know that I am ALL about the color. And well when I saw this NEW stencil – it jumped up and pleaded with me to throw some rainbow color around………

Rainbow colors and doodled stencil pattern art journal page

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the art and the ideas are my own.

So here goes….. let’s splash a whole heap of color around…

laying stencil over paper and holding into place with washi tape

Begin by grabbing some of the beautiful TCW9051 Watercolor Paper. I trimmed this one in half so it measures A5. I then turned it on it’s side and laid stencil TCW959 RainbowBranchCircle Stencil over the page, taping it down with some washi tape in a few places.

swiping modeling paste through the stencil and then lifting it up

I then swiped a layer of TCW9004 Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste through this stencil using a palette knife, and gently lifting it up.

I love the pattern it leaves behind.

NOW this part is important – LET IT DRY! Yep go and find something else to do for a while. Overnight is best!

Once DRY, I added some gorgeous Watercolors – I went with the brightest I own, and using lots of water, applied the colors, moving towards a new color after a while, and being mindful in this selection to get nice color mixes and not mud!

adding watercolor to the design

Once dry, I repeat this process, to build up the color and really get the wow factor!

adding another layer of watercolor for the wow factor

Ok, this is getting there, time to dig out a black paint pen, and start tracing around those gorgeous images, adding as much doodling as you wish. This helps to really accentuate those valleys and troughs made with the modeling paste and the stencil.

doodling around the images left behind by the stencil using a black pen

Now this is where it starts to come alive. Enjoy this part, enjoy the process. Slow down, breathe and enjoy……this is my kind of mindfulness activity.

Next I add a beautiful quote that totally sums up how I feel about my art and color, and then using a watercolor pencil, I outlined the edges to define and create depth and layering.

add a quote and then create shadow and depth with a watercolor pencil and some water

When you add water with a fine brush to these pencil marks, your art will jump to the next level.

Next, I add some highlights etc using a white paint pen……

add in some white for highlights using a white paint pen

Just beautiful……. this technique works with ALL our stencils. Just love it.

I hope this inspires you to play….I’d love to see your take on this with a different TCW stencil, and maybe even some pastel vibes!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #tcwstencillove when sharing so we can see what you’ve created.

Wishing you ALL the color.

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – Design Team Member for TCW

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