Merry & Bright Christmas Card

Montage Hero Shot for Merry & Bright. Shows entire art work, and two close ups. Introduction to article image.
Merry & Bright Christmas Card design

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US or from the US!

I realized it was about time for me to get a move on with my Christmas cards. So today, I have a bright, fun, colorful design that I thought might be fun to try.

I had used my die cutter to make some leaves out of black paper a few days ago. As I was stuck in a long Zoom meeting one day, I started playing with leaf configurations and the next thing I knew, a poinsettia flower appeared. I decided that I would like to try and make a Christmas Card design with the poinsettia floral design.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

To begin, I first laid down a super thin layer of TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium, then I laid the TCW873 6×6 Orb Mandala stencil down flat on top of the gel medium.

Next, I sprinkled a variety of ColorSparx powders in autumnal tones over the stencil, then grabbed my handy dandy Ken Oliver Spritz spray bottle and gave a few light spritzes. Not too much water though, especially on yupo paper, as the water will move really easily, far too easily! (that’s why I used a little gel medium first!).

Close up image showing the stencil laying on top of the yupo paper with the ColorSparx powder dried effects.
TCW873 6×6 Orb Mandala stencil with ColorSparx powders spritzed with some water spray on yupo paper.

Here is what it looks like after it has dried and I removed the stencil (following image). I just love the effect of the ColorSparx powder on the yupo paper! I was also able to spray the stencil and make second and third prints on two other pieces of yupo paper with the leftover color on the stencil!

Close up image showing the mandala background design dried with the stencil removed.
I removed the TCW873 Orb Mandala stencil after the ColorSparx were dry. Look at that amazing effect!

I painted a piece of card stock with some TCW9038 Antique Gold Modeling Paste and waited for it to dry. Once it was dry, I used my die cutter to cut out some leaf shapes from the card stock and the yupo paper. In addition to the black paper leaves I had cut earlier, these formed the shapes for the leaves and the petals of the poinsettia flower which I glued down with PVA glue.

Close up photo showing the die cut petals of the poinsettia flower.
Close up showing the die cut leaves and petals of the pointsettia flower glued to the yupo paper.

The center of the flower was needing a little something, and so I decided to add a little bling, since it’s the Holidays! I glued some embellishments, glass beads, and microbeads to simulate the center of the flower and pollen.

Close up image showing the embellished poinsettia flower center with glass beads and microbeads.
Close up showing the embellished center of the poinsettia flower.

I really wanted to add a sentiment for the card design. I die cut two Merry & Bright sentiments, one from white paper and one from black paper. I cut a piece of acetate to mount the sentiments onto to as I wanted them to float above the mandala background image and be equal with the raised poinsettia center. I used 3D foam mounts to raise the acetate up above the background.

Close up image showing the die cut images float mounted on acetate.
Close up showing the sentiments mounted on acetate with 3D foam to float over the mandala background.

And lastly, it’s just not Christmas for me without pretty lights. I’ve had these teeny tiny Christmas lights in my stash for ages, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to shine. This was it! I wrapped them lightly around the sentiment acetate, added the battery pack, and voila! Pretty design all lit up and ready to be photographed! Since the design is float mounted on acetate, this takes advantage of the reflective properties of both the yupo paper and the acetate, which reflect the lights even more, to help them shine even brighter! Happy Holiday season and best wishes.

Photo of the completed card design in the daylight.
The finished card design phtographed at an angle to show the light reflecting off the yupo paper.
Close up image showing the christmas lights and design lit up at night with the glow of the lights reflecting off the acetate and yupo.
Night light Christmas Card design.

To see more, hop on over and watch my quick fly-by video on my YouTube Channel.

Until next time, happy experimenting and happy day!

Michaela Butterworth
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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