Vintage Inspired Wall Initial

Vintage Inspired Wall Initial/Sue Carroll

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by:)  Today’s project started with a great find at Hobby Lobby… A wall size galvanized steel letter purchased with 50% off!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.34.46 AM

Next, a couple of GREATstencils from The Crafters Workshop latest additions


TCW 470 Geometric Art Layers

TCW 488 Viva La Art

Vintage Inspired Wall Initial/Sue Carroll

Using Heavy Body Gesso, I stenciled right on top of the metal letter.

(I added some stenciled gesso to the sides of the letter as well)

Vintage Inspired Wall Initial/Sue Carroll

Once dry, I randomly added some areas of embossing liquid, then sprinkled rusting powder on top of the still wet areas.

To activate the rusting powder, you simply spritz white vinegar over each area and wait.  It can take up to 8 hours to fully transform into a delicious bit of rust.  Be patient:)

Vintage Inspired Wall Initial/Sue Carroll Vintage Inspired Wall Initial/Sue Carroll Vintage Inspired Wall Initial/Sue Carroll Vintage Inspired Wall Initial/Sue Carroll

What can I stencil next?!!!

Hope you feel inspired to create a fun stenciled project today!

Thanks again for reading:)

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5 thoughts on “Vintage Inspired Wall Initial

    1. Hi:) If you click on the words “rusting powder” in the above post, it will take you directly to the source! It’s a WONDERFUL product…I use it all the time! Have fun with it!!!

    1. I have been searching for the rusting powder all day. The company that makes it, Dusty Attic, doesn’t seem to still sell it (it’s not listed on either their retail or wholesale site) which is a sad day indeed. The only place I have found it (the link above) doesn’t ship to the US.

      If anyone knows of a company that with either ship to the US or is located in N America, please give a shout out! Many thanks!

      1. So, Christine and Loey…I originally received Dusty Attic Rusting Powder as a member of Frog Dog design team, and then later purchased several more “jars” because I liked it so much! I have asked my friend at Frog Dog for some help and she told me that they had shipped to US and may have just recently changed their policies…HOWEVER, she encouraged us to write an email for the request and I’m thinking if there were enough interested maybe they would make a shipment. I will keep digging and let you know what I come up with!! I’m so sorry you are having trouble getting this wonderful product!!

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