Stenciled Art Journal Card

Hello Creative Lovelies!

Keri Sallee here and today I am sharing a simple journaling card I made recently.


I started by gessoing a 4×6 piece of matte board and then applying “Butterscotch” Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos Double Scoop. I used my finger and a little bit of water to move the gelatos around the board.


I then used my 6×6 “Aspen Trees” Stencil:


I used my Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Chalkboard Paint.


To add my shadows, I added more of my gelatos, this time in Snow Cone and Blueberry, to just one side of my trees. I also added the lighter blue (Snow Cone) around the edges to give it a “hazy” feel.”

I hope you liked my project today!!

Have a great one.



Tickle Tickle – A Layout

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a page to share with you today. It’s about a little someone I love, doing something I love to see her doing…laughing!

MiaeRowe_TCW_Tickle (1)

I created the background with TCW495 Sea Bubbles and some heavy gesso and regular gesso.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Tickle (4)

Next I used Glimmer Mist to color the background.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Tickle (5)

Then I mixed some molding paste with white paint and used it over TCW475 Diamond Lattice.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Tickle (6)After the mixture dried, I used Faber Castell Big Brush Pitt Pens to color the diamonds.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Tickle (7)For the final touch I added some glitter glue….

MiaeRowe_TCW_Tickle (8)Here’s a close up of the finished page (sorry, can’t seem to rotate it)!

MiaeRowe_TCW_Tickle (3)

Have a beautiful day!


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team




Shrink Plastic Mosaic Tile Frame

Hello! Tami Sanders here today with a bright and cheery project to share with you.

The weather here in the usually SUNNY San Antonio, has been GRAY and DREARY. So I thought I’d make a little something using VIBRANT colors.

I’ve had a quote running through my head for a few days; although I’m sure someone else has said it or something similar before… “don’t set out to create art, set out to create, and let the art happen.

I wanted to frame the quote and put it in my studio. I pulled out a frame and sat down to figure out how to embellish it. I decided to cover it with mini tiles made from shrink film in bright colors and designs…

tcw - mosaic frame - WM

I first needed to figure out roughly how many tiles I would need. I thought 1″ squares would work well, so I would need to make 2″ squares from the shrink film because the plastic shrinks down to about half its original size. I measured the frame and counted how many 1″ squares I would need to cover it.

Next, I pulled out a bunch of stencils. I selected some with small allover designs to use as bases for the designs and a few with larger designs {similar to the way I selected stencils for my ATC Valentines}.

I decided to use Matte Shrink Film from Grafix as I like the soft white color it takes on when it shrinks. Surfacez Inks from Clearsnap are permanent on slick surfaces, so I decided to use them for this project.

Knowing how many squares I needed for the frame, I was able to calculate that I would need about 2 1/2 – 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of film.

I began inking layers of color on each sheet of film using several different stencils and colors of ink. It’s important to remember to tape down BOTH the medium you are inking on as well as the stencil to your work surface in order to keep both steady.

Here is a pic of one finished shrink film sheet…

tcw shrink film sheet

The colors will darken and become more vivid once the pieces are shrunk. The sheets were cut in 2″ squares and baked according to package directions. The pieces were then arranged and glued to the frame front.

For the quote, I cut a piece of white cardstock to fit the opening and used several coordinating colors of ColorBox Pigment Ink to stencil a small design around the edges and then to stencil a butterfly design at the center. Once the inks were heatset; a black sharpie was used to add the quote.

The stencils used in this project are: TCW454 Specimen, TCW484 and TCW484s Netting, TCW439 Retrobursts, TCW431 Ripples, TCW248 Cubist, TCW478 Beaded Curtain and TCW227 Chevrons.

I’ve put together a Snapguide that shows how you can make this frame step-by-step in both photos and written directions; you can view it here: MOSAIC TILE FRAME

If you liked this project and want to play with more shrink film and TCW stencils, check out this post for a pair of earrings: GRAFFITI EARRINGS

thanks for visiting the TCW Blog!



Tami Sanders

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

TCW 545: Many Faces Stencil

I hope that you will love my “Many Faces” stencil as much as I do!



This versatile stencil features five faces of varying sizes and styles.  If you have both the 6×6 and 12×12 versions, then you have TEN different faces!  I designed this stencil to leave you as much creative room as possible, while still providing plenty of guidance!

This is a very-typically-Julie-face, made with this stencil:



And yet, here are six more faces (made with the same stencil) in a wide variety of styles!



I hope you’ll give the “Many Faces” stencil a try.  No matter what your style, it’s sure to help you create the kinds of faces you’d like to!

I hope you’ll visit my blog for lots of artsy tips, tricks, and projects!

xxxooo, Julie

Mixed Media Canvas

Hi there.  I am back again, with the final part of the canvas I started last week.  I did the background here, before I finished off the painting and added some more details to complete it ready to go on a wall somewhere!

So here is where we left off last week

I had started to paint the girl with acrylic paint.


 I finished her off and cut her out


 Then decoupaged her to the painted canvas.


Once she was on, I could tell where it could use a little more dimension and texture….I added texture with Gel medium through the stars template….


I used Shimmerz Dazzlerz through other stencils…..


I went around the edges with a Big Brush Marker (India Ink) and a wet paint brush to blend.  I covered the entire canvas in Beeswax, melted with a heat gun.

LQ-TCW-image8and with that the canvas is done!

Stencils used this week…..

Random Stars TCW479

North Star TCW481

Tiny Circles TCW361

Basketweave TCW 256

Thanks for stopping in today.