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Welcome to our 1 Stencil 4 Ways series.  Each month on the 14th we will feature a list of projects created by our Guest Designers and a few members of our Design Team where they used one stencil in a few different ways.   We will highlight four different ways to use the selected stencil.

This month we are featuring TCW 42 Navaho. Checks out the projects created by our designers, Fregny, Marion, Karenliz & Magdalena.


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Hello there! Fregny here.

I created this 3D old phone  using designed papers, shipboard and of course stencils , in this case # 421 Navaho.

The technique: Distress Ink and Embossing Paste.



First I put together the skeleton of my phone using mod podge. After I have the full telephone built finish the edges with black acrylic paint.

Using a palette apply Embossing Paste to the design paper using the TCW Stencil (#421 Navaho) living some  empty areas, and wait to dry.

After is dry replace the TCW Stencil (#421 Navaho) in the same position and using the Blending Tool with Distress Ink apply in empty areas.

Glue the papers already cut into the required shape using mod podge. Add embellishments and finish the Mini album.

And there you have a 3D Vintage Phone.




Hi there I am Marion, I am a fan of Powertex and the TCW stencils, together it makes a lot of fun. Check out for Powertex in your own country.

klei eind foto

  The basis of this bracelet is an empty toilet roll, Powertex black and Stone Art and of course the stencil Navaho .

klei materialen

Cut the toilet roll it into 3 strips of 1,18 inch and extend the strips to the length that you need as a bracelet (see photo). Paint it with the Powertex black and let it dry 2 days,  so it becomes a good basis for the clay.

klei toiletrol klaar

I make my own air-dry clay with Powertex black and Stone Art. Mixed Powertex and Stone Art 1: 1 well, to the clay no longer sticks to your hands.

klei mengen

klei maken

Create a string and press it flat, put the stencil on the clay.

klei worst

Roll with a roller the motif of the stencil in the clay.

klei met mal

Cut the clay 1.18 inch and the length depends on the thickness of your wrist.

Take some colortrix silver, bronze gold and easy varnish (lacquer). Take very little silver on your finger or a sponge and divide the powder on the clay as transparent as possible.

klei armband kleuern

Paint the upright parts  with bronze gold and easy varnish.

klei armband kleuern 2

Form the bracelet on to de toilet roll, stick it with Powertex black. Let it dry about 3 or 4 days. Finish it off with a lovely chain.

klei ketting 2




Hello Karenliz here. The Design Team was given one stencil and we had to use it in four different ways. I’m so excited for you to see what I came up with but I can’t wait to see the Team’s creations. Do you buy stencils and then get them home and just don’t know what to do with them?  Or have such great ideas and then when you get home they just don’t work? That’s me and this stencil was no exception. The stencil we had to use is TCW421 Navaho stencil (12×12). I had such great ideas but my mojo and stencil aliens left the art room.  I didn’t know what I was going to do but with anything new you take it one step at a time. My first step was to use the whole stencil for a background. I chose to use an 8×10 mixed media board and used modeling paste through the stencil and then used my go to acrylic paint colors of blue and green with a splash of white to finish the background.


Then decided to create this scraps that I had on my table.


Next step, using part of the design. I chose to make a card by using two elements of the stencil.  Using a black fine tip marker I added the element to the front of the card and created my own design then colored them in.  The second element I used to create the word Smile.   Easy peasy, second step done.


Third step, since I love carving cardboard I decided to create a floral design.  I first traced the stencil on the cardboard and then started carving it and pulling the pieces of cardboard off. Those pieces I kept and you see why later. KarenlizH_TCW421_CB1

I painted the pieces I saved and glued them back on the cardboard for a 3D effect. I tried to create a flower on the cardboard


I decided that I needed another flower so I one in the corner. Here is the finished piece.


Step 4, my final step. I’m so excited to show you this step. It’s my favorite. I decided I truly wanted to create a flower so I had to really think hard how I was going to do. With different shades of purple paint I added the stencil design to a piece of deli paper.


Then cut a piece of deli paper and folded it in half and cut on the folds to create the middle of the flower.


I fussy cut shapes and attached each one around the middle of the flower with gel medium. Just keep attaching the shapes around and around to your liking.


I’m so excited to show you my flower. Here is what my final flower looks like from the side.


Here is what is looks like from the top.


Don’t you love it?  I think I may be making more.

I hope you enjoyed what I created with One Stencil.


Karenliz Henderson

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

My Creative Endeavors


Madalena Muldoon

I have been doing and teaching traditional metal embossing for more than 15 years. However, I enjoy using stencils because they are the best alternative to create beautiful projects in half the time and without the use of too many traditional techniques. It’s easy, fun and the results are immediate!

Stencils not only offer a huge variety of designs, but they give the possibility to place them on any part of the metal, mix them and use only a part of the design…none of this can be done with embossing folders.

I did a Tin Box cover using grey aluminum and Stencil  TCW390 Baubles 12″ x 12″


The steps to create this project are as follows:

Rub against the stencil with a paper stump and outline with Teflon tip

Rub against the stencil with a paper stump and outline with Teflon tip

On the back of metal and on suede add textures or frames with the small  decorative wheel

On the back of metal and on suede add textures or frames with the small decorative wheel

ON the back of the aluminum (on suede) draw any tangle or design you choose with the Teflon Tip

ON the back of the aluminum (on suede) draw any tangle or design you choose with the Teflon Tip

Add designs using other stencils such as TCW324 Hegagons

Add designs using other stencils such as TCW324 Hexagons

Once you have drew all the designs, remove the grey front color of the metal with a sanding block

Once you have drew all the designs, remove the grey front color of the metal with a sanding block

You can add color and patinas using assorted Gilder's Pastes. Just rub them directly on the metal with your finger

You can add color and patinas using assorted Gilder’s Pastes. Just rub them directly on the metal with your finger

On the back and over the suede "puff" some areas of your design by embossing with the sphere of the "Cup and Ball" tool

On the back and over the suede “puff” some areas of your design by embossing with the sphere of the “Cup and Ball” tool

Clean or outline  around any embossed shape with the Pointy Teflon tip to give a nice definition to your work  (front of metal and with no suede)

Clean or outline around any embossed shape with the Pointy Teflon tip to give a nice definition to your work (front of metal and with no suede)

Fill the embossed areas with MercArt's  Filling Paste so they keep their shape. It is a liquid that levels itself and  gets really hard when it dries (1-8 hrs)

Fill the embossed areas with MercArt’s Filling Paste so they keep their shape. It is a liquid that levels itself and gets really hard when it dries (1-8 hrs)

Adhere your finished project on a tin box with any strong craft double side tape.

Adhere your finished project on a tin box with any strong craft double side tape.


Thanks for stopping by and looking at what you can do using the same stencil with different mediums achieving a different look on each. Be sure to check out the rest of the designers & their designs.

Make sure to join us next month on September 14 to see what stencil we use in four different ways.

Adding an arty feel

Hi everyone, Beck BT here again with another layout.  This time I went a little out there with my colours really featuring one of the extra versatile stencils in the new release.  I just LOVE these stencils that have the different number of patters in them perfect for layering to create interest in your background.  Here is the layout I created, and below a little more about what I did, supplies used as well as video so that you can see how I used the stencil on the layout. Art brings us together tcw This is the stencil I used on this layout – yes only one stencil created all that interesting background!  TCW488 Viva La Art Capture   Here is a link to my video for you to see how I used the stencil

I really had fun adding the pops of colour on this one with the stencil.  I actually only used the 6 x 6″ size but as the pattern is a repeatable one I was able to match it up and continue the pattern.  You can see this very clearly in the video.

The ‘ART’ word was perfect for this layout as you can see by the rest of the title.  I created the title by adding black gesso through the ART word on the stencil.

The pops of metallic goodness were created with my Tinby Designs Metallic Melts I applied this by inking through the stencil with a Tsukineko Brilliance ink pad in Sky Blue, lifted the stencil and then sprinkled the metallic melts over, added the excess back into the jar and then heated to melt. I just LOVE how all the stencilling takes centre stage on this layout because of the bold colours used.

Here are some up close pictures of the stencilling on the layout

Art brings us together tcw detail 3 Art brings us together tcw detail 4 Art brings us together tcw detail 5Today I have shown you three ways to stencil on your layout, what is your favourite way to stencil on your layout?  Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear and try some new ways too!

Happy Creating!

xxx Beck BT

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Mixed media fun with TCW & Gelli Plate + a quick gift idea

HAPPY FRIDAY! Sue here today with 2 fun projects:)

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

AND…Candy Caddy by Sue Carroll

For the Mixed Media project I used these great TCW stencils:

                                   TCW493 Folk Art Flower (both in 12 x12 and 6 x 6)                                      TCW450 Art Deco Leaves

To begin, use a brayer to roll out several colors of acrylic paint onto a 12 X 14 Gelli Plate and then press the 12 X 12 Stencil on top of the rolled paint.

Next, lift off the stencil and set it aside.

(remember to rinse off your stencil as soon as you can for easier clean up! OR have a shallow container filled with water that you can set your “used” stencils in until your are able to finish cleaning it (them). This keeps the paint from “setting” on your stencil, making it more difficult to clean)

Next, I placed a 12 x12 sheet of Core’dinations 110 Lb. Basic White Card Stock on top of the Gelli plate, pressing and smoothing the card stock with my hand to make sure all the paint was “picked up” on the sheet.

I love this heavy weight card stock from Core’dinations, it really holds up to all my mixed media shenanigans:) THANK YOU CORE’DINATIONS!Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Above is the 12 x 12 Folk Art Flower stencil Gelli print that was then outlined with both the Scarlet Lime and Uni-ball Signo pens. (My 2 FAVORITE doodle pens!!)

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll Next, a layer of torn vintage book pages.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll And a few “rolls” of white gesso.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll Above are  some cut stenciled vintage book pages from a previous project, using the   TCW450 Art Deco Leaves You can check that project out here. I have used these cool leaves in quite a few projects! (you’ll see it again in the candy caddy!)

Oh, and I used my sewing machine to make a running stitch the length of the leaves for added interest.

I encourage you to try any of the TCW stencils using white Heavy Gesso on vintage book pages…I love, love, love the results!!Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll I also love that most of the TCW stencils come in both the 12 x 12 size and the 6 x 6. It’s fun to use both sizes of the same stencil on one project which I did here. Above is the TCW493 Folk Art Flower in the 6 x 6. (the 12 x 12 was used for the Gelli print)

I added this smaller stencil using the super heavy gesso. (which is how I did the deco leaves as well)Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll For a “splash” of color, I wrote the words “Love Never Fails” on the same Core’dinations card stock (cut into small rectangles) and sprayed them with Ranger’s Dylusions Ink Spray in postbox red.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

The depth of color around the deco leaves was achieved using gelatos and the two pens mentioned above. For the blue heart, I glued small torn pieces of book pages within the outline of a heart I drew in pencil. You can see a few black ink splatters I added as well as the flower underneath done with cut book pages, paint, gelatos, and doodle pens.

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Above is the piece framed:)

NEXT…a Quick gift idea!

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

For this little project I used:

TCW1023 Vertical Happy Bunting 


Core’dinations White Chalk Core

My husband and I have been married for 30 years (man, do I feel old!) and for as long as I have known him he has had a passion for DARK CHOCOLATE…so much so, that he has his own dark chocolate candy drawer in our kitchen that he visits EVERY DAY when he gets home from work:)

He has been traveling quite a bit lately, so I thought it would be fun to get him a few “bars” (Hershey’s extra dark) and hang them in a cute “caddy” in the bathroom so he would have a nice surprise getting ready for work.

I just received a generous supply of wonderful products from Core’dinations and in my goody box came the Chalk Core…I REALLY LOVE IT!!

Thank you Core’dinations and TCW!!!

I used the TCW1023 Vertical Happy Bunting die along with the Chalk Core for the front of this little candy caddy.

Next, I used the Sand It Gadget from Core’dinations to sand the edges of the die cut out to give it that “chalk board” finish:) Check out the first photo above and you can see the cool effect!

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.10.04 AMUsing matte medium, I adhered the die cut out to a piece of water color paper. You could use any card stock you have on hand.

Framed Mixed Media by Sue CarrollI cut the watercolor paper 4 inches wide and then scored it at 6 inches long, then scored it again at 6 1/4.  I cut it off at 6 1/4 and then folded on the scored mark folding 1/4 inch.

Framed Mixed Media by Sue CarrollI cut a second piece for the back. (4 X 6 1/4) Scoring again at 6 to fold 1/4 inch.

For the sides, I used some of the left over watercolor paper and cut 2 strips an inch wide and 1 1/2″ long. Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll   Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

I then made 2 scores dividing the piece into 3- 1/4″ folds.

To put it all together, I used a tape gun to add adhesive to the two ends of the small side pieces and the 1/4″ folds of the caddy’s “body.”

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Framed Mixed Media by Sue CarrollAbove is a close up of the 4 pieces together.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll Above you can see I used the same technique for the “you card” as the first mixed media project…after writing the word “you” using the Scarlet Lime pen, I spritzed it with Ranger’s Dylusions Ink Spray in postbox red…also, adding the cut out made from TCW450 Art Deco Leaves & a real dried pressed flower:)Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll The lettering on the pennant flags is done with Uni-ball Signo pen in white. Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with some time for crafting!

sue's signature

The Crafters Workshop Design Team Member

Burlap Purse with Embroidered Patterns

Hello! Tami Sanders here today to show you another great way to use TCW templates. I’ll show you how to use the wonderful TCW designs to embellish home decor, clothing, accessories and more with embroidery!

For today’s project, I’ll be turning a burlap pillow cover from 7gypsies Canvas Corp Brand into a retro-look satchel purse. I was hoping that I had received the round pillow cover like Lynne used in her Textiles and Templates post back in June. I was envisioning a drawstring type purse made using that form. BUT… I didn’t get the round form, I got a rectangle form. But i STILL wanted to make a purse!

So I played with it awhile, turning it around and folding it this way and that. And then, with just ONE simple fold, I figured out how i COULD turn this pillow cover into a purse! A retro-style satchel purse with a fold over flap.

With that figured out, all I needed to decide on was how to embellish it. I had a HUGE STACK of new templates to play with, so I started there, pulling out ones I thought would work for this project.

The weave in the burlap looked like it would work well with embroidered designs. And I remembered shopping bags I’d seen in Mexico that had black outlined designs filled in with wool embroidery designs, so I used those colorful images for inspiration.

With my plan in place I got to work, and here is my finished pillow cover turned purse… heart art purse - snapguide - wm I’ve put together a step-by-step how to guide to make this project yourself on Snapguide: Embroidered Burlap Purse With TCW Templates

You can view ALL the brand spanking NEW! stencil designs here…


I’m sure you will find some designs that inspire YOU to create!

Supplies Used:

THE CRAFTER’S WORKSHOPThe Crafter’s Workshop: TCW469: Brush AlphaThe Crafter’s Workshop: TCW488: Viva La Art and The Crafter’s Workshop: TCW2049: Heartstrings Frag

OTHER: 7gyspsies: Canvas Corp: Rectangle Burlap Pillow CoverBeacon’s Fabri-Tac or Quick Grip GlueAssorted Colors of Cotton Craft Embroidery ThreadTapestry NeedleBlue Painter’s TapeVintage Buttons and Vintage Buttons 

Tami Sanders… The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

An Art Pillow.

Welcome back to The Crafters Workshop Blog!

 I am sharing a pillow I painted using a canvas pillow from Canvas Corps.

Because my piece is probably not washable, I decided not to prewash the fabric first, so that it would be a little less absorbent.  Then I just started painting!

I used Acrylic Paint, and Prisma Color Pencils to draw my girl.


Once that was done I painted the back ground roughly with pale acrylic paint.

Then I got out one of my new Crafter’s Workshop Stencils. TCW473-Fireworks  (see all the brand new stencils HERE) and my heavy bodied Gel Medium and used a sponge to apply it all over the background.



The gel medium just makes it slightly visable, and shows up differently in different lights.  Its really pretty for an unobtrusive pattern.



And the art Pillow in pride of place on my lounge!


Thanks for checking in today!


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member