Going BIG with Mixed Media and The Crafter’s Workshop

Hello Creatives!

TCW Design Team Member,  Keri Sallee, here and I am SUPER excited to be sharing today’s project with you.

Once a year, I attend a “scrapbooking” retreat with my sister’s in law and some friends. We rent out a bed and breakfast and just spend 5 days together and scrap. This year, however, I was only able to make it for 1 day so I decided not to even take pictures…instead I took TONS of paints and my TCW Stencils.

I wanted to challenge myself to go BIGGER with my ideas and do a larger canvas in a style that wasn’t my “normal style.” I wanted to do it completely in paint and ink…without any paper (which is usually my style.)

Here is my finished canvas (it is 16×20)


I started with black acrylic paint and used a credit card technique to make my “birch trees.”


 I decided to use my TCW530S 6×6 Stencil “Shadow Tree” to add “branches” to my trees before adding the base colors for my sky and grass.

TCW502Impressions IMG_8069

To add depth to my sky and grass, I added a few spritzes of Bahama Blue Fireworks to my sky and Dandelion Fireworks to my grass (by Imagine Crafts.)

To fill in my “grass”, I used TCW502 12×12 Stencil “Impressions.” (Using the circular impression on the beginning of the second row.) I used green acrylic paint mixed with Golden Heavy Gloss Gel to add shine.


IMG_8076For fun, I used the end of my paintbrush to add squiggles and lines to connect my separate stencil impressions.

Once that was dry, I added some yellows and darker greens just with a paintbrush to add depth. I also added Neon Pink Golden High Flow acrylic as accent shadows on my trees and I added white clouds to my sky using a irRESISTable Texture Spray in Wedding Dress from Imagine Crafts

Using my finger and a variety of Liquitex Acrylic paints, I added abstract “flowers”, mixed fun colors and using various bottle lids to make my rings.


To finish it up, I added the word “DREAM” from Rebekah Meier’s “Word Association” 12×12  Stencil (TCW527) to my sky using black acrylic paint mixed with Liquitex Modeling Paste.

-new-tcw527-rebekah-meier-word-association-12-x-12--18627-p IMG_8290

I hope was you enjoyed my project today and it challenges you to step outside your “style” and try something new!!


KERI Sallee

TCW Design Team Member

bLiNgY sPriNgY Shoes

Hello! Tami Sanders here with an altered wearable for your spring wardrobe.

I purchased a pair of plain, white, canvas tennis shoes and wanted to give them a makeover using TCW stencils. I had originally envisioned an artsy, “grunge” look using lots of stencils and sharpie markers but my finished project turned out quite differently…

stenciled shoes

if there is one thing i’ve learned while “creating” it’s GO WITH THE FLOW! My “artsy” look just wasn’t happening. So I just picked out some inks and stencils and started playing. I selected inks in colors that coordinated well with some new tops in my spring wardrobe. As for design, most of my blouses were plain, so choices were wide open. I really like the fun flowers in the NEW! TCW552s Daisy Splash stencil…

The Crafter's Workshop - 12 x 12 Doodling Templates - Daisy Splash

The variety of sizes and styles of flowers on this stencil lend itself to this type of project. The 6″ size works great for the scale needed as well.

I started by inking the shoes using ColorBox Crafter’s Inks from Clearsnap; they are permanent when heat set. I added scattered areas of color, then blended the edges to create the background colors.

Next, I taped the stencil down to the shoe and started inking in the designs using a fine point black sharpie, moving and retaping stencil as I went. Keep in mind that the right side of the right shoe, and left side of the left shoe will be towards the outside, so concentrate your designs there.

I added more designs to the “outsides” then tapered off towards the “insides” of the shoes, adding a few designs on the top. I didn’t do much to the “tongues” of the shoes stencil-wise as the laces would cover the designs. I resisted the urge to add designs to those clean, white rubber toes. The marker ink would bleed and migrate over time, leaving purple edges and blurring the designs. RESIST or don’t – if you are only creating a pair to wear for a season or so.

Once I was happy with the designs, I added some dotted doodles to them. Rhinestones at the centers of the flowers finished the look.

I’ve put together a Snapguide that shows you how you can make a pair of these yourself, you can view it here: bLiNgY sPriNgY shoes

This would also be a great project for Tweens or Teens, so get your kiddos crafting. And not just the girls – your boys might be able to capture that graphic grunge look that eluded me!

thanks for visiting the TCW Blog!



Tami Sanders


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Using a TCW stencil as a base to build your design



Hello there! It’s Yvonne here to share my art journal pages.


I started by painting my purple-haired girl with acrylic paints, then adding the features using Prismacolor pencils. Next I used light modeling paste with The Crafter’s Workshop stencil for some flowers in her hair.


One of my fave things to do is to use the TCW 507s stencil as a “base” to build my designs around. Here, I used super heavy gesso withe the TCW stencil. Then I build up the designs with some stamping, doodling, rub-ons and some ink splatters.



Yvonne Yam

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team


A New Mirror for My Wall

Hi Everyone, Karenliz here to show you my new mirror. I work full time and I needed to small mirror for my office. A small one for that quick check before meeting with a client.

I took a wooden mirror that I bought at Ikea and painted it in a soft gray acrylic paint. I wanted it to look metallic but didn’t have any metallic paint but you can use acrylic paint in pearl. It gives it that metallic shimmer.


I then used Imagine Crafts Metallic Creative Medium in silver through the Butterfly Collage stencil (TCW554) and Word Association stencil (TCW527) to finish the mirror. The metallic medium is like modeling paste and it the perfect partner for stencils. Here is a close up of the medium.


It also dries faster than modeling paste. Here is my finished mirror.



A tip for using any type of medium on a mirror like this is the wait for each stencil design to dry. I added the circles first then waited for it to dry before adding the words.  If you don’t wait for it to dry the stencil can hit the wet paste.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team
Blog: My Creative Endeavors

Getting started with zentangle

tcw card

Hi Beck Beattie here today with a share that I hope will help lots of you get started with one of the latest trends!  There is so much Zentangling out there and I can’t say I have had much of a chance to get to play with the technique.  I would love to do some classes or read a book to help me into it more.

While away at a retreat recently I thought I might have a bit of a play and well I just didn’t know where to start even though a friend had provided me with some printout information and pictures to help.  There I was sitting with all my Crafter’s Workshop stencils sitting in front of me and the light bulb went off!  Why not use my stencils as a starting point!

trapazoid flower TCW194

I created my main design using the Trapazoid Stencil, tracing it with a black felt marker.

Now the tricky bit… starting those patterns.   I dug into my stencils and found lots of stencils helpful for a pattern starting point so I got busy with them.  Building on the patterns as I went.

april post 2 collage

As you can see I used lots of different stencils for some different patterns.  I have a LONG way to go to improve with this art, but it sure was fun giving it a go.

I later took the design area and added it to a card base with a simple sentiment stamp and some enamel dots and it was complete.  I also love how gender neutral the card is, a great one to have up my sleeve for those unexpected birthday gifts!

tcw card

I would love to see you give this a go.  If you get a chance to play along with me. Just share them on the Facebook page!

Hope you love my share today!!

Beck Beattie

The Crafters Workshop

Design Team Member