Fabric Covered Bead Necklace / Stenciled Jewelry

Good morning crafty friends! I am up today with a SUPER easy project that you can make for yourself or create as a lovely & unique gift…

using a GREAT stencil from The Crafters Workshop of course!Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

Being a Mimi & a great (old) Auntie, I’m always on the lookout for the latest “baby finds.”

When my nieces both had their first born a few years ago, I found these cute necklace teethers from Smart Mom.


They come in every color and are simple and sleek…but, lately I have been intrigued by                            fabric covered bead teether’s…I even like them …teething aside!

So…I decided to make one creating my own fabric with TCW stencils:)

                                       NOTE: due to my product choices (spray ink),                                         this should not be utilized as a teether 

The stencil I chose is below


Other things you will need:

Bleached Muslin (I used a 36″ strip 3″ wide) 1/4″-1/2″ seam allowance

NOTE: you will need to adjust your fabric strip size according to the size bead you use and the length you want your finished necklace to be.

Dylusions Spray Ink (London Blue)

Round Beads (varying sizes)

Hoop Earring  (I used one that lost it’s mate!)

Swivel Lobster Clasp

                                                     Lg. and Sm. Jump Rings                                                           (Also dependent on size of bead you choose)

Fine lined permanent ink pen (I used a Pitt multi liner F)

Sewing Machine 

I purchased bleached muslin on sale (50% off!)

I bought plenty for future projects (6 yds. for $12) at Jo-Ann’s :)

To get started, cut your strip of muslin. (36″ or longer & 3″wide depending on the bead size you desire…)

TO DECIDE WIDTH…FOLD your fabric in half pinch closed with your finger and see if you can fit your largest bead inside-cut your strip, remembering to add 1/4 – 1/2″ seam allowance )

FYI- there are LOTS of tutorials out there for these bead covered necklaces, including teethers. If you would like to see an example of how one is made by TYING KNOTS in between each bead instead of using jump rings go here :)

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

This could not have been easier…Place stencil on fabric strip & “spritz” with the ink spray, before lifting the stencil off, roll over it with a roll of paper towels, and then move up the strip repeating the process until you’ve reached the end of your fabric piece.

Rolling over the stencil with the towel roll before moving it will help prevent some bleeding, and will keep your stencil free from ink build up as you go.  The ink dries very fast.

Remember, these inks are not completely water resistant, so no washing or baby biting:)

To set the color further, iron your stenciled strip on the highest setting, with a thin towel (or separate piece of fabric) in between stenciled piece and iron.

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollOnce I stenciled the whole strip, I outlined the print with a permanent Pitt pen. This step isn’t necessary, but adds a bit more detail that I like.

And yes, it does take awhile, but I find it relaxing…I listen to audiobooks:)

I just finished “If I Stay” soon to come out in the theaters:)

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollNext, fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and sew a seam down the long side.Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollTo turn the tube right side out, fasten a large safety pin to the end, (make sure you only place pin through the top side and not all the way through) and then “work” the pin through the middle, gathering the fabric and pushing the pin, until it comes out the other side, and pull.  Iron the tube with the seam in the middle of the “back”.

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

Now you are ready to place the beads on the inside of your finished “tube”

I used 2 sizes (one larger than the other), although it’s a very subtle difference. Any beads will do since you will be covering them with fabric.

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollFold your tube in half and tie a knot on one end. (The photo above is after both sides have beads added-with finished ties)

Pull the “unknotted” end through a small jump ring and push the jump ring down towards the center of the tube.  Leave about 2 inches of tube empty on either side of the middle of the whole tube. I just kept “eyeballing it” by folding in half while matching ends side by side. (The empty section will be the part of the tube that is looped around the “earring pendant.”

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollTo add the “earring” pendant, simply use a slip knot.

Alternate ring, Lg. Bead, ring, Sm. Bead, ring, etc. until you reach the end, leaving at least 2 inches after your final knot to sew on Lg. Jump ring and clasp. Before you cut the excess of your ends, place around your neck to determine your desired length.

(Keep adding beads until you reach desired length, taking into consideration the 2 inches beyond the final end knot to add Lg. jump rings and clasp)

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollOnce you knot the end and cut off excess, push the raw ends in toward the middle with your “ink stained” finger. (hee hee)Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Make 2 snips with scissors and insert the Lg. Jump ring. Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Tuck in all loose sides, and sew across the top of the tube end to secure jump ring. (Do this on both ends.Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Add the swivel clasp. Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

I think these are super cute, and I loved finding a use for this old earring that had no mate.  You can do this technique without a center pendant…still adorable.

Hope you feel inspired to make your own, using one of the MANY great TCW stencils!!!

It’s a joy to share with you!

‘Til next time,


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“Happy Thoughts” Keepsake


Karen here sharing a keepsake that I created with The Crafter’s Workshop stencils. What I love most about using stencils is that they give you an opportunity introduce so many fun elements quickly. I was able to add some really cool patterns and pops of color that really made this project take flight. This super fun project was all possible with the use of TCW stencils, frames, and paints.

Happy Thoughts Keepsake TCW Karen Jiles


Stencil: TCW470 & TCW470s Geometric Art Layers

Stencil: TCW2044 Pods Fragments


Wooden Frames (2)

Acrylic Frames (2)


Ink Sprays



Core’dinations White Cardstock (3 Sheets)





Cosmetic Sponge

Adhesive: Xyron Creative Station


Hot Glue

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles  1

Step One: Lay TCW470 Geometric Art Layers stencil on top of Core’dinations white cardstock and spray inks randomly. I used Dylusions Ink colors: Lemon Zest, Squeezed Orange, and Vibrant Turquoise.

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles  2A

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles  3A

Step Two: Lay 2nd sheet of Core’dinations cardstock on top of inked stencil. This extends the use of the ink that remains on the top of the stencil, enabling a reversed image that can be used for other projects. I was able to get 3 sheets of inked goodness from this inked stencil. Let the sheets dry and trim them down to layer on top of each frame, but do not adhere. Save the unused inked cardstock for a future project.

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles 4 Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles 5

Step Three: Using a cosmetic sponge, Seedless Preserves paint and Pods Fragments (TCW2044) stencil, randomly transfer image to cardstock. Let dry.

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles 6 Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles 7

Step Four: Using a cosmetic sponge, Salty Ocean paint and Geometric Art Layers (TCW470s) stencil, randomly transfer image to cardstock.

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles 8

Step Five: Apply black gelatos to edges of inked cardstock. Rub edges to blend.

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles 9

Step Six: Apply gesso to frames and adhere cardstock.

Happy Thoughts TCW Karen Jiles 10

Step Seven: Adhere smaller frame to larger frame using E6000 and continue layering. Add photo and embellishments as desired.

Happy Thoughts Keepsake TCW Karen Jiles

Happy Thoughts by Karen Jiles Supplies Stencils: The Crafter’s Workshop (TCW470 & TCW470s) Geometric Art Layers, Pod Fragments (TCW2044); Cardstock: Core’dinations, Stickers: DCWV; Flower: Prima; Ribbon: May Arts; Acrylic Frames: Making Memories; Paint: Ranger; Adhesive: Xyron; Tool: Craft-Dee-BowZ; Other: Gesso, Wooden Frames

Thanks so much for visiting today!


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Adding an arty feel

Hi everyone, Beck BT here again with another layout.  This time I went a little out there with my colours really featuring one of the extra versatile stencils in the new release.  I just LOVE these stencils that have the different number of patters in them perfect for layering to create interest in your background.  Here is the layout I created, and below a little more about what I did, supplies used as well as video so that you can see how I used the stencil on the layout. Art brings us together tcw This is the stencil I used on this layout – yes only one stencil created all that interesting background!  TCW488 Viva La Art Capture   Here is a link to my video for you to see how I used the stencil

I really had fun adding the pops of colour on this one with the stencil.  I actually only used the 6 x 6″ size but as the pattern is a repeatable one I was able to match it up and continue the pattern.  You can see this very clearly in the video.

The ‘ART’ word was perfect for this layout as you can see by the rest of the title.  I created the title by adding black gesso through the ART word on the stencil.

The pops of metallic goodness were created with my Tinby Designs Metallic Melts I applied this by inking through the stencil with a Tsukineko Brilliance ink pad in Sky Blue, lifted the stencil and then sprinkled the metallic melts over, added the excess back into the jar and then heated to melt. I just LOVE how all the stencilling takes centre stage on this layout because of the bold colours used.

Here are some up close pictures of the stencilling on the layout

Art brings us together tcw detail 3 Art brings us together tcw detail 4 Art brings us together tcw detail 5Today I have shown you three ways to stencil on your layout, what is your favourite way to stencil on your layout?  Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear and try some new ways too!

Happy Creating!

xxx Beck BT

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Mixed media fun with TCW & Gelli Plate + a quick gift idea

HAPPY FRIDAY! Sue here today with 2 fun projects:)

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

AND…Candy Caddy by Sue Carroll

For the Mixed Media project I used these great TCW stencils:

                                   TCW493 Folk Art Flower (both in 12 x12 and 6 x 6)                                      TCW450 Art Deco Leaves

To begin, use a brayer to roll out several colors of acrylic paint onto a 12 X 14 Gelli Plate and then press the 12 X 12 Stencil on top of the rolled paint.

Next, lift off the stencil and set it aside.

(remember to rinse off your stencil as soon as you can for easier clean up! OR have a shallow container filled with water that you can set your “used” stencils in until your are able to finish cleaning it (them). This keeps the paint from “setting” on your stencil, making it more difficult to clean)

Next, I placed a 12 x12 sheet of Core’dinations 110 Lb. Basic White Card Stock on top of the Gelli plate, pressing and smoothing the card stock with my hand to make sure all the paint was “picked up” on the sheet.

I love this heavy weight card stock from Core’dinations, it really holds up to all my mixed media shenanigans:) THANK YOU CORE’DINATIONS!Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Above is the 12 x 12 Folk Art Flower stencil Gelli print that was then outlined with both the Scarlet Lime and Uni-ball Signo pens. (My 2 FAVORITE doodle pens!!)

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll Next, a layer of torn vintage book pages.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll And a few “rolls” of white gesso.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll Above are  some cut stenciled vintage book pages from a previous project, using the   TCW450 Art Deco Leaves You can check that project out here. I have used these cool leaves in quite a few projects! (you’ll see it again in the candy caddy!)

Oh, and I used my sewing machine to make a running stitch the length of the leaves for added interest.

I encourage you to try any of the TCW stencils using white Heavy Gesso on vintage book pages…I love, love, love the results!!Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll I also love that most of the TCW stencils come in both the 12 x 12 size and the 6 x 6. It’s fun to use both sizes of the same stencil on one project which I did here. Above is the TCW493 Folk Art Flower in the 6 x 6. (the 12 x 12 was used for the Gelli print)

I added this smaller stencil using the super heavy gesso. (which is how I did the deco leaves as well)Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll For a “splash” of color, I wrote the words “Love Never Fails” on the same Core’dinations card stock (cut into small rectangles) and sprayed them with Ranger’s Dylusions Ink Spray in postbox red.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

The depth of color around the deco leaves was achieved using gelatos and the two pens mentioned above. For the blue heart, I glued small torn pieces of book pages within the outline of a heart I drew in pencil. You can see a few black ink splatters I added as well as the flower underneath done with cut book pages, paint, gelatos, and doodle pens.

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Above is the piece framed:)

NEXT…a Quick gift idea!

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

For this little project I used:

TCW1023 Vertical Happy Bunting 


Core’dinations White Chalk Core

My husband and I have been married for 30 years (man, do I feel old!) and for as long as I have known him he has had a passion for DARK CHOCOLATE…so much so, that he has his own dark chocolate candy drawer in our kitchen that he visits EVERY DAY when he gets home from work:)

He has been traveling quite a bit lately, so I thought it would be fun to get him a few “bars” (Hershey’s extra dark) and hang them in a cute “caddy” in the bathroom so he would have a nice surprise getting ready for work.

I just received a generous supply of wonderful products from Core’dinations and in my goody box came the Chalk Core…I REALLY LOVE IT!!

Thank you Core’dinations and TCW!!!

I used the TCW1023 Vertical Happy Bunting die along with the Chalk Core for the front of this little candy caddy.

Next, I used the Sand It Gadget from Core’dinations to sand the edges of the die cut out to give it that “chalk board” finish:) Check out the first photo above and you can see the cool effect!

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.10.04 AMUsing matte medium, I adhered the die cut out to a piece of water color paper. You could use any card stock you have on hand.

Framed Mixed Media by Sue CarrollI cut the watercolor paper 4 inches wide and then scored it at 6 inches long, then scored it again at 6 1/4.  I cut it off at 6 1/4 and then folded on the scored mark folding 1/4 inch.

Framed Mixed Media by Sue CarrollI cut a second piece for the back. (4 X 6 1/4) Scoring again at 6 to fold 1/4 inch.

For the sides, I used some of the left over watercolor paper and cut 2 strips an inch wide and 1 1/2″ long. Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll   Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

I then made 2 scores dividing the piece into 3- 1/4″ folds.

To put it all together, I used a tape gun to add adhesive to the two ends of the small side pieces and the 1/4″ folds of the caddy’s “body.”

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Framed Mixed Media by Sue CarrollAbove is a close up of the 4 pieces together.Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll Above you can see I used the same technique for the “you card” as the first mixed media project…after writing the word “you” using the Scarlet Lime pen, I spritzed it with Ranger’s Dylusions Ink Spray in postbox red…also, adding the cut out made from TCW450 Art Deco Leaves & a real dried pressed flower:)Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll The lettering on the pennant flags is done with Uni-ball Signo pen in white. Framed Mixed Media by Sue Carroll

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with some time for crafting!

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An Art Pillow.

Welcome back to The Crafters Workshop Blog!

 I am sharing a pillow I painted using a canvas pillow from Canvas Corps.

Because my piece is probably not washable, I decided not to prewash the fabric first, so that it would be a little less absorbent.  Then I just started painting!

I used Acrylic Paint, and Prisma Color Pencils to draw my girl.


Once that was done I painted the back ground roughly with pale acrylic paint.

Then I got out one of my new Crafter’s Workshop Stencils. TCW473-Fireworks  (see all the brand new stencils HERE) and my heavy bodied Gel Medium and used a sponge to apply it all over the background.



The gel medium just makes it slightly visable, and shows up differently in different lights.  Its really pretty for an unobtrusive pattern.



And the art Pillow in pride of place on my lounge!


Thanks for checking in today!


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