More Summer Stencils!

It’s Ronda here sharing with you today more of my Summer Stencils releases. I am super excited to show you just some of the possibilities of these cool new stencils & fragments!  The design team has been knocking my socks off with their creations. i always love seeing what people create with my stencils so please always feel free to share with me.  Here are some of my latest creations.  

Ronda Palazzari Spoonful

Hand Drawn Frames (TCW 474) is a great stencil in both sizes, 12 x 12 & 6 x 6.  You have so many different options with 9 different frames all drawn by little ole me.  Use them all or just use a few across your page, art journal, card, or any other crafty endevour.  These frames would also look great in your Project Life Pockets.  Don’t forget about those stitches too!  Leave off the frames and use them as a great grid layout.  i started my layout with layers of paint & spray ink dripping down the page.  I then used the 6 x 6 stencil to add frames down the colorful area and filled in with the stitches. i added in bits & pieces of patterned paper into the frames.  My little instagram photo looks great layered over the background.   Ronda Palazzari My Path

Geometric Art Layers (TCW 470) is a fun blocked stencil filled with all kinds of cool shapes & patterns. This stencil has so many uses both as a whole stencil or just using individual pieces. Those white spaces are perfect for photos if you want to use this stencil as a template for a layout or art journal page. My Path Layout uses both the 12 x 12 stencil and 6×6. Those shapes are so much fun to stack around my page. i love that big bold number pattern in black to the left of my photo. i used the triangles on the 12 x 12 stencil with my NeocolorII crayons to give the background some color and layered the small 6 x 6 stencil circles on top.  i could create with this stencil all day long!

Ronda Palazzari Hello Love

Fireworks (TCW 473) is one of those fun background stencils that’s perfect for every occasion. i love all the different shapes you can see within this stencil. Do you see the small gear like shape? The dashed lines? Mask this stencil for so many possibilities. You can be bold with this stencil like the tag below or softer like this layout. Love is a layout capturing those Colorado Sunsets. Since i wanted my photo to be the main focus point, i chose to layer the stencil softly in the background with a tone on tone approach. Did you notice the doodles with the stencil? i love those tiny black triangles sprinkled on the page!

Ronda Palazzari Seabrook

Contact Sheet (TCW 476) is such a fun stencil ready to be filled with your heart’s desires.  The openings on the 12″ x 12″ sheet are approximately 2″ x 1 1/2″, perfect for lots of photos.  Of course you can fill it with colors, patterned paper, paint, stamps, etc. The 6″ x 6″ openings are approximately 1″ x 3/4″.  On my Seabrook layout, i offset the filmstrips using black ink to stencil the image on the page.  i then added in photos and patterned paper into the sections, choosing to leave some areas blank. i loved using this stencil to add lots of photos of my vacation to this layout! 

Here’s a look at some tags using all the above stencils in the 6″ x 6″ size:

Ronda Palazzari Hand Drawn Frames

Ronda Palazzari Geometric Art Layers

Ronda Palazzari Fireworks  Ronda Palazzari Contact Sheet


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Quick and Easy ATCs using TCW Stencils

Hi, Karen here sharing a fun and quick way to create ATCs using The Crafter’s Workshop Stencils.

I love creating ATCs. ATCs are easy to work with due to size and awesome to trade. They make beautiful mini pieces of art and perfect for expressing your art form in various ways. Using stencils make this process super easy. I’m including a tutorial below that enables you to create 10 ATCs using 1 sheet of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock, stencils, and ink.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (15)


Stencils: The Crafter’s Workshop (TCW470) Geometric Art Layers, Kasia’s Letters (TCW492)

White Cardstock: (2) 8 ½ x 11

Manila Tags


Ink Sprays (Dylusions)

Washi Tape

Foam Brush


Black Gelatos


TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (2)

Step 1: Randomly apply washi tape to cardstock.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (5)

Step 2: Apply coat of Gesso to washi taped cardstock.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (6)TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (8)

Step 3: Place stencil on cardstock and spray ink. The pattern will transfer to the cardstock. I used colors: vibrant turqoiuse, pure sunshine, and squeezed orange.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (9)TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (10)TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (11)

Step 4: While the ink is still on the surface of the stencil, place an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of cardstock on top of the stencil. Notice the negative inked imprint that results. Add another sheet to make use of the remaining loose ink on the suface. Note: The additional sheets create new prints for future projects or atcs.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (12)

Step 5: Continue adding various ink colors and patterns using your stencils to add more interest to your art. I used Dylusions funky fuchsia.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (13)

Step 6: Use tags to absorb additional loose ink on top of stencil. Let dry.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (14)

Step 7: Turn cardstock to portrait view and trim (2) 2 ½ cuts creating strips. After cutting 2 strips at 2 ½ you will have (1) strip remaining that measures 3 ½ x 11.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (1)

Step 8: Turn 2 ½ cardstock strip to landscape view and trim at 3 ½. Repeat for each 2 ½ strip. Trim the 3 ½ strip to 2 ½ creating the ATC size.

ATC TCW Karen Jiles 9

Step 9: Using black gelatos, edge ATCS.

ATC TCW Karen Jiles 10

Step 10: Continue accenting as desired.

TCW ATCs Karen Jiles (15)

ATCs by Karen Jiles Supplies Stencils: The Crafter’s Workshop (TCW470) Geometric Art Layers, Kasia’s Letters (TCW492); Cardstock: Core’dinations; Ink: Ranger; Gesso, Gelatos: Faber Castell; Other: Washi Tape

Thanks so much for visiting today!


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TCW Fragments and Stamping

Hello all! Another happy Friday to you!

So I’m not much of a card maker though I always admire other’s handmade cards. I thought I’d have a try using Ronda’s Fragments and a stamping technique.

Here’s the supplies:

Supplies: Core'dinations Heavyweight Cardstock, TCW Poppy Fragments, inkpad, stamps

Supplies: Core’dinations Heavyweight Cardstock, TCW Poppy Fragments, inkpad, stamps

Basically you hold the Fragment in place and cover the rest of the cardstock with stamped images. This leaves behind a clear area in the outline of the Fragment shape you use. A few suggestions….use smooth cardstock as it will show the stamped images a lot better, and used a variety of stamps with small details as this will fill the empty space better.

Hold the Fragment in place and keep stamping...

Hold the Fragment in place and keep stamping…

This is what the card looks like when the Fragment is removed.

This is what the card looks like when the Fragment is removed.

If you want the outline to be more apparent, you can outline the shape with a pen.

If you want the outline to be more apparent, you can outline the shape with a pen.

Here’s three cards I made using the same technique. The only other thing I did was add some Basic Grey chipboard and brads to each card.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Fragment Cards (5)

I didn’t outline the orange and teal cards with black pen.

Have a creative day!


TCW Fragments: Poppy, Pods, Heartstrings


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Calm before the storm

Hi Everyone, Beck Beattie here again with another layout that I hope you enjoy!  The photo in this layout featured a VERY calm photo I took while on holidays.  I thought it would contrast nicely with some yummy texture in the background.  I thought that the Kelp Forest TCW498 mini stencil would be PERFECT for this!

Streaky bay layout

Kelp forest TCW498

Kelp Forest TCW498

I started off by inking with the new Kelp Forest TCW498 mini stencil on the background with some white ink.  I then added Tinby Designs Metallic Melts in Glistening snow.


I decided a little later that the white on it’s own wasn’t enough so if you look to the picture below you will see some added copper Metallic Melts by re-heating the white metallic melts and sprinkling over some Copper and re-melting.   I also added some contrasting blue stencilling with a blue ink pad.Streaky bay detail 3

Next I wanted to add some of the same pattern to the foreground of the design.  To do this I stencilled with the blue in on a white strip of paper


I also inked the edges with some brown ink to accent it a little more.3

Here are some detail pictures of the finished layout.  As you can see I added additional texture with some gesso that I added to some bubble wrap and then when dry removed the bubble wrap for some lovely texture pieces ready to add to another layout, as well as some more pattern paper twine and bunting.

Streaky bay detail 1

Streaky bay detail 2  I hope you enjoyed my share today and experiment with your stencils too :)

Happy Creating!

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Fabric Covered Bead Necklace / Stenciled Jewelry

Good morning crafty friends! I am up today with a SUPER easy project that you can make for yourself or create as a lovely & unique gift…

using a GREAT stencil from The Crafters Workshop of course!Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

Being a Mimi & a great (old) Auntie, I’m always on the lookout for the latest “baby finds.”

When my nieces both had their first born a few years ago, I found these cute necklace teethers from Smart Mom.


They come in every color and are simple and sleek…but, lately I have been intrigued by                            fabric covered bead teether’s…I even like them …teething aside!

So…I decided to make one creating my own fabric with TCW stencils:)

                                       NOTE: due to my product choices (spray ink),                                         this should not be utilized as a teether 

The stencil I chose is below


Other things you will need:

Bleached Muslin (I used a 36″ strip 3″ wide) 1/4″-1/2″ seam allowance

NOTE: you will need to adjust your fabric strip size according to the size bead you use and the length you want your finished necklace to be.

Dylusions Spray Ink (London Blue)

Round Beads (varying sizes)

Hoop Earring  (I used one that lost it’s mate!)

Swivel Lobster Clasp

                                                     Lg. and Sm. Jump Rings                                                           (Also dependent on size of bead you choose)

Fine lined permanent ink pen (I used a Pitt multi liner F)

Sewing Machine 

I purchased bleached muslin on sale (50% off!)

I bought plenty for future projects (6 yds. for $12) at Jo-Ann’s :)

To get started, cut your strip of muslin. (36″ or longer & 3″wide depending on the bead size you desire…)

TO DECIDE WIDTH…FOLD your fabric in half pinch closed with your finger and see if you can fit your largest bead inside-cut your strip, remembering to add 1/4 – 1/2″ seam allowance )

FYI- there are LOTS of tutorials out there for these bead covered necklaces, including teethers. If you would like to see an example of how one is made by TYING KNOTS in between each bead instead of using jump rings go here :)

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

This could not have been easier…Place stencil on fabric strip & “spritz” with the ink spray, before lifting the stencil off, roll over it with a roll of paper towels, and then move up the strip repeating the process until you’ve reached the end of your fabric piece.

Rolling over the stencil with the towel roll before moving it will help prevent some bleeding, and will keep your stencil free from ink build up as you go.  The ink dries very fast.

Remember, these inks are not completely water resistant, so no washing or baby biting:)

To set the color further, iron your stenciled strip on the highest setting, with a thin towel (or separate piece of fabric) in between stenciled piece and iron.

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollOnce I stenciled the whole strip, I outlined the print with a permanent Pitt pen. This step isn’t necessary, but adds a bit more detail that I like.

And yes, it does take awhile, but I find it relaxing…I listen to audiobooks:)

I just finished “If I Stay” soon to come out in the theaters:)

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollNext, fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and sew a seam down the long side.Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollTo turn the tube right side out, fasten a large safety pin to the end, (make sure you only place pin through the top side and not all the way through) and then “work” the pin through the middle, gathering the fabric and pushing the pin, until it comes out the other side, and pull.  Iron the tube with the seam in the middle of the “back”.

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

Now you are ready to place the beads on the inside of your finished “tube”

I used 2 sizes (one larger than the other), although it’s a very subtle difference. Any beads will do since you will be covering them with fabric.

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollFold your tube in half and tie a knot on one end. (The photo above is after both sides have beads added-with finished ties)

Pull the “unknotted” end through a small jump ring and push the jump ring down towards the center of the tube.  Leave about 2 inches of tube empty on either side of the middle of the whole tube. I just kept “eyeballing it” by folding in half while matching ends side by side. (The empty section will be the part of the tube that is looped around the “earring pendant.”

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollTo add the “earring” pendant, simply use a slip knot.

Alternate ring, Lg. Bead, ring, Sm. Bead, ring, etc. until you reach the end, leaving at least 2 inches after your final knot to sew on Lg. Jump ring and clasp. Before you cut the excess of your ends, place around your neck to determine your desired length.

(Keep adding beads until you reach desired length, taking into consideration the 2 inches beyond the final end knot to add Lg. jump rings and clasp)

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue CarrollOnce you knot the end and cut off excess, push the raw ends in toward the middle with your “ink stained” finger. (hee hee)Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Make 2 snips with scissors and insert the Lg. Jump ring. Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Tuck in all loose sides, and sew across the top of the tube end to secure jump ring. (Do this on both ends.Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Add the swivel clasp. Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll Fabric Covered Bead Necklace/ Sue Carroll

I think these are super cute, and I loved finding a use for this old earring that had no mate.  You can do this technique without a center pendant…still adorable.

Hope you feel inspired to make your own, using one of the MANY great TCW stencils!!!

It’s a joy to share with you!

‘Til next time,


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