Patina Art Journaling with Shanna

Hello everyone. I am thrilled that it is my turn to share with you all again. I have an art journal spread to share.


I have been having this patina look on my mind and tried to give it a go.

I would love for you to check out how I created this spread by CLICKING HERE to go to the video.

I used lots of sprays and the gorgeous stencil Tatting for the background and the stencil Word Association for my words.


I love the pop of white on the art journals.


I love the raised texture of the modeling paste.


The rusty colored sprays did a great job with the blues I combined. I feel I achieved my goal a patina look thanks to the colors I used.


Although be careful as you can see some of the coloring now changed to a really dark brown.


Thank you so much for stopping by today.


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Art Journaling with Balzer Designs “Many Faces”

Hello Creatives!

Keri Sallee, DT Member, here and today I want to share with you a recent art journal page I did.

TCW July 2015_Art Journal_Balzer Faces_FullLately, I have been practicing drawing faces and sometimes it feels like it takes me FOREVER to get the face shape and the features places right. That’s why I LOVE Julie Balzer’s “Many Faces” Stencil (TCW545). I am able to just lay my stencil down, outline my features and move on to the shading and other parts of my art journal layout.

Balzar Designs Face Stencil

{1 Stencil offers you 5 difference face options with various sizes to choose from. For this project, I used the 6×6 stencil but it also is available in 12×12, so you have 10 face options to choose from!}

TCW July 2015_Art Journal_Balzer Faces_Face

It was as simple as using Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen through my stencil, adding shading using my Neocolors Watersoluable Crayons and adding details like hair, the whites in her eyes and blush.

For my background, I used 3 TCW Stencils: TCW519S-Mini Hummingbirds (just the flowers), TCW330S-Mini Numbers & (Balzer Bits) TCW 540S-Striped Flower Circle.

Here you can see the flower….

TCW July 2015_Art Journal_Balzer Faces_Flowers

Here you can see the numbers….

TCW July 2015_Art Journal_Balzer Faces_Words

And here you can see the striped flowers…

TCW July 2015_Art Journal_Balzer Designs_Background

When you have something to say…and you want to say it quickly, grab your “Many Faces” Stencil by Balzer Designs and get it done fast!

Until Next Time…


KERI Sallee

TCW Design Team Member and Certified Instructor

New Moon Dream Jars

Since the New Moon is tomorrow I decided to show you how to create your very own New Moon Dream Jars. This is a great project for adults and children.

I’ll take a moment to explain a little about the new moon and how dream jars work:


The New Moon is a
special time when an energetic doorway opens for manifesting your dreams and making
them real. It’s a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, a time for setting
intentions and focusing on the things you want to develop, cultivate,
or increase in your life. The idea is to use the energy of the New
Moon to plant dream seeds or put wishes into motion and watch them bloom throughout
the rest of the moon cycle.

Here is what you will need to create your very own

Dream-Jar-border-watermarkSupplies Needed:

Supplies New Moon Dream Jars

  • Mason Jar-wide mouth
  • Paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • Palette knife
  • Whipped Spackle
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • paper
  • Paint pens (optional)
  • Mod Podge
  • Stencils; here I used the flower portion of TCW 523S Be In Love and word association TCW 527 S

You can make these with your children, it’s a fun way to spend some quality creative time as a family. As my children and I decorated our jars, we talked about our dreams and setting our intentions, the importance of having dreams and expressing them. How each dream is like a tiny seed, the more we love and nurture each one, the better chance they have to grow and flourish! The New Moon gives us a chance to become more introspective and introverted. In this moon phase our physical energy can be low so it’s a good time to rest and rejuvenate. This is the perfect time to envision, set intentions and nurture our creative side.

Step 1: Choose your paint color and start painting the bottom of jar.

Painting bottom of jar

Step 2: Painting the jar

I used blue paint for the bottom and sliver for the rest of the jar. I found using a rounded foam brush works best. You can also get some great texture using the foam brush.

Painting jar layer 1

Layering paint on jar.

Painted Jar layering colors.

Close up of painted jar.

Painted jar upclose.

Step 3: Paint the lid

While your jar dries, you can paint the lid using layers and contrasting colors on the outside rim.

Painted lid

Step 4: Add a stencil design to the lid

Here I used the flower portion of TCW 523S Be in Love.

Stecncil lidRemove stencil and let the lid dry. Then, use a paint pen to add a bit more detail. I also used Washi tape as decoration on the outer rim of the jar.

adding detail with paint pen to lid

Washi tape on lid

Washi Tapie on lid

Step 5: Incorporating words

Place your stencil over paper, use a palette knife to spread whipped spackle over the stencil, remove stencil before the spackle dries to create a raised texture. Here I used the word association TCW 527 S stencil.

stencil spackleI really love how the spackle looks here!

Spackled words

Step 6: After the spackle is dry, cut out each word.

Cut out words

Step 7 (optional): Adding glitter paint over each word.

Adding glitter paint to words

Step 8: Add words and images to your jar.

Here you can cut out additional images and words to add to your jar. I used Mod Podge to affix them.

Here is the top view of painted jar lid.

Top view

Side view


Back view

Love-JarStep 9 : Writing your intentions, dreams and visions.

Write down your dreams, intentions and visions on little slips of paper and drop them into your Dream Jar on each New Moon!


Dream-Jar-2I hope you enjoy this simple and fun New Moon project!

Jen-Signature2015 Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

Quick & Easy Scrapbook Layout!

Hi there crafty people!  This is Jenni here today and I am sharing a scrapbook page I made as well as the start to finish process video for the and me_TCW_July 2015 final 1You can find the video HERE:

you and me_TCW_July 2015 (12)I used several stencils, mostly focusing on the smaller doodling stencils, like the ‘You and Me’ script stencil and the ‘Scribbled Rose’ stencil to anchor my photo.  Using mist with one and embossing paste with the other, I created some texture and my title on a white piece of and me_TCW_July 2015 (19)I used another small 6×6 stencil to add some interest to the top left and bottom right corners with the ‘Mini Life Tidbits’ stencil and inked a border at the bottom using the 12×12 ‘Believe Script’ and me_TCW_July 2015 (14)Thanks for stopping by the Blog today and please check out the video for the complete process!  These smaller doodle stencils are a quick way to make a layout completely your own creation.

Stencils Used:





Have an amazing week!

Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Let’s play “I Spy” to create a card with Karenliz

Hi Everyone!
The stencil designers for The Crafter’s Workshop have wonderful names for their stencil designs. Ronda Palazzari’s stencil called Pebble Art (TCW505s) is a perfect name. You see pebbles, rocks, sand, stone wall, etc.  The name describes the design but what else do you see?

Let’s play a game. I spy in my little eye something white. What is it? It’s not a rock.

TCW505 Pebble Art

Guess it?

In the middle of the stencil you see what looks like a stone wall. To me it’s not stone but looking up to the sky I see clouds.  Let’s make a card.

I cut watercolor paper for the front of the card and added DecoArt Media Crackle Paste through the stencil in three places on the card. It will give it the look of the sky when we’re done. Crackle paste works best if you let it dry on it own. Don’t use a heat gun.


Once it was dry I used DecoArt Media Misters in Shimmer Turquoise and Primary Cyan and mixed each one with water for a watercolor look.


Next it’s time to add some stamped images. I chose to use hot air balloons. You can use your favorite flying stamps or die cuts.


You can see how the crackle paste dried and the color seeped into the cracks. I also added a few tiny clouds here and there with a paper punch (very old punch).


I love the way it turned out. Look like a sky with clouds? So next time you pull out a stencil play the same I Spy. You never know what you may find!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member
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