Stenciled Circle Patterns…

Hello everyone, We hope you have all had a great week and are very keen to get stuck into your stencils over the weekend. Today I am sharing another very simple and quick page you can whip up in a matter of  minutes.

Start of by gathering your supplies together.

white card stock, texture paste, circle cutter,watercolor paints and brushes, lead pencils, and some fun embellishments you like to work with eg: buttons brads tabs tags sequins, paperclips , stickers, flair etc.

I’m using this stencil – 12 x 12 Doodling Template Patterns




Lets just take a look at the finished page first and then I will take you thru the steps.
TCW JULY 1TCW JULY 2 TCW JULY 3TCW JULY 4Step 1: Using a circle cutting tool cut out 9 circles, my circles measure a circumference of 8cm each.

TCW JULY bStep 2: Place each  circle under your 12 x 12 doodle pattern stencil and swipe texture paste over each one.

TCW JULY cStep 3: Peel the stencil off and allow to dry. How cool do they look!


TCW JULY dStep 4: Once the design circles  are dry arrange on your page. Adhere once happy and then use  a lead pencil, doodle circles around each one to added interest.

Step 5: Using you watercolor paints splash, pour or  flick over the adhere designs and allow to dry. TCW JULY 013The next step is simple… grab your photo and scrappy supplies and piece your page together. And these circles would be awesome on cards and tags too.

Thank you for popping by today and we hope to see you all again soon.


Leeann Pearce … design team member for “The Crafters Workshop”

Personalized Pencil Pouches

Hello crafty people and Happy 4th of July weekend! This is Rachel Kleinman joining in today to share an easy way to personalize some inexpensive cloth bags.


Now I have a very very hectic summer ahead of me. We are moving out of one home of 6 years and then moving to another state, with a one month lapse in between where all of our stuff will sit in a storage unit. So I’ve dolled up some of these cute dollar bin pencil cases with my favorite Crafter’s Workshop stencils. I’m going to fill them with my favorite art supplies to keep with me during our move.


For my larger pouch (found at Michael’s for $2.00) I decorated it with the Daisy Splash 6×6 stencil with white and teal acrylic paints.


I also covered the entire back of the pouch with Repeating Pods stencil and white acrylic paint.


I created another crafty bag using a drawstring pouch that came with some packaging.


I think I’ll send this one to my crafty friend to use when she travels. Here’s how I made it…


Since this material is so thin, I slid a flat piece of cardboard inside the bag to catch the paint. I started with a large Four Feathers stencil that I filled with white acrylic paint.



I lined up the detailed feather and filled it with teal acrylic paint. I’m using all-purpose acrylic paint made for a variety of materials. It’s also best to use a dry, firm, stipple brush when using stencils over cloth.



Isn’t everything better with a birdie on it? I added the bird from “Fly Away” and had him sit on a little branch from “Bay Branches”.


The back needed a little love so I added a big Create from Word Association.

I hope you have some inspiration to take those Crafter’s Workshop stencils and spice up some unloved items around the house! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Rachel Kleinman

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The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

The Crafter’s Workshop Certified Educator

Stencils used:

TCW 405 – Four Feathers

TCW 526 – Fly Away

TCW 543s – Bay Branches

TCW 527 – Word Association

TCW 547 – Repeating Pods

TCW 552s – Daisy Splash

Watercolor Cards with Shanna

Hello to you all today. Shanna here with a fun share. I love making cards that are fun and simple. Which is exactly what I have here today.


I love this watercolor technique and thought I would share it with you.


First step is to pick your stencil and I pounced my ink pads on the the stencil.


Then I spritzed the stencil with water.


Then I put my stencil on my watercolor paper, and with a paper towel I pressed the stencil into the paper.


Then I let it dry. Doesn’t that look great?

For my card here I used the stencil Stepping Stones TCW506S with the watercolor technique. I used some different colors of red and pink Distress Ink.


Once that was dry I used the stencil Mini Word Association TCW527S with some black acrylic paint to sponge in Happy.


The second card I used the stencil Mini Kaleidoscope TCW347S for the background and some blue shades of Distress Ink.


Then I thought it would be nice to have something underneath my stamped image. I got this idea to trace out the stencil Accented Star TCW2055 and cut it out. Then I used some Distress Ink with the stencil Mini Believe Script TCW541S on top of the star.


Once again, I used the stencil Mini Word Association TCW527S again with black acrylic paint to sponge in Dream. These cards are great to give to anyone.



Thanks so much for stopping by today.


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Hanging Mobiles

Hello everyone, Jen Lashua here to show you this fun and fast way to create a simple hanging mobile.

I decided to find a creative craft that could utilize all my children’s broken crayons. This is a perfect way to make some fun, vibrant art!



Supplies you will need:


Step 1:  Creating Crayon Shavings

Place your wax paper on table. Make sure you have enough wax-paper to fold over the crayon shavings, so there is a bottom layer and a top layer of wax-paper.

Remove all paper from your crayons, sharpen crayons over your wax-paper, creating lots of shavings. This step does take some time, but well worth the effort. You will want a mixture of vibrant colors.

crayon shavings

 Step 2:

Preheat your iron to low, once you have enough shavings, fold the top layer of the wax-paper over your shavings, lightly iron until crayon shavings are melted.

Fold over the top layer of wax-paper, as seen here:

step 3 folding wax paper over

Ironing the crayon shavings:


Melted shavings

melteld crayon

Close up melted crayon

Close up of the melted crayon shavings, I love how this looks!

Step 3: Tracing and outlining your stencils on wax-paper.

Laying stencil over your melted wax-paper, trace the shape of the stencils with a sharpie or marker.

Here I used stencil, TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon.

Tracing stencil

Here is the feather from stencil, TCW 526 Fly Away

Tracing stencil 2


Here is the stencil layout with the feather portion of  TCW 526 Fly AwayAccented Star Bits stencil TCW 2055 and  TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon 

Step 4: Cutting out your designs with scissors.

Cutting images out

The assembly of cut out designs:

Images traced and cut

Step 5:  Use a paper punch to create a hole in each cut out, then thread through with hemp twine or string.

Threading your cut outs.


Close up of feathers:

finished up close feather 3

finished feather

finsihed up close feather

Pictured here is Accented Star Bits stencil TCW 2055 and  TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon stenciled cut outs.

Close up balloon + Stars

up close

I then attached the strings to a stick, place them wherever you think looks best. At the end of the stick, I decided to finish it off by adding some acorn tops. These were applied with my hot glue gun.

gluing acorn tops

Placing a dab of hot glue inside each acorn top.


Securing the acorn top to the end of the stick with glue inside.

Final piece


Hope you enjoyed this!


 2015 The Crafter’s Workshop Design team.

Art supply caddy

Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to share a project that so many of us can use since buying art supplies is an obsession we share!

Art supply caddy made from a recycled 4-pack using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #artsupplies #organizing #stencilsI found the 4-pack holder in my stash and decided to dress it up to hold some of my markers, pencils and pens on my art table. It is a simple process and didn’t take much time at all.

Art supply caddy made from a recycled 4-pack using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #artsupplies #organizing #stencilsThe first step I took was to paint the background with some of my favorite green acrylics using a very slip-slap technique to create a mottled effect.

Art supply caddy made from a recycled 4-pack using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #artsupplies #organizing #stencilsI then applied Liquitex modeling paste to create texture with two stencils. I used the Mini Butterfly Collage stencil and the Mini Tatting stencil for the designs. I let the modeling paste dry for a couple hours.

Art supply caddy made from a recycled 4-pack using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #artsupplies #organizing #stencilsUsing a dry brush, I added metallic green and silver to both the background and the texture paste, concentrating the silver on the texture paste designs.

Art supply caddy made from a recycled 4-pack using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #artsupplies #organizing #stencilsTo finish off my art supply caddy, I painted the inside and bottom with black acrylic. I added touches of black and bronze on all the edges of the caddy with a dry brush. The final touch was to add splatters of bronze over the entire piece. It is a sweet, simple addition to my art table. The stencil designs are the star and really needed very little embellishment added to make them stand out.

Thanks for joining me today!


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member