Mini she art, using an assortment of stencils…

Hello, I hope you are all well. Today I’m sharing a little she art  using an assortment of stencils to add dimension and texture. I love creating  she art girls and these little cuties were created on 5″ x 7″ canvas boards. I’m going to give you a quick step out on how too.

But first a couple of the stencils I used:

6×6 doodling templates – mini impressions

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Impressions

6×6 doodling templates – mini butterfly collage

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Butterfly Collage

6×6 doodling templates – hourglass


The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Template - Hourglass

6×6 doodling templates – mini repeating pods

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Repeating Pods

Step 1: Grab some canvas boards any size you like to work with. I’m using 5×7 boards. Use an assortment of papers and collage, using a clear drying decoupage glue. Allow to dry.

28 august TCW leeann pearce 01a

Step 2: Grab some texture paste and stencils. Randomly stencil all over, mix it up by using different designs. Allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 01b

Step 3: Using sprays and inks and randomly paint your inks on. Allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 004

Step 4: Use an assortment of stamps and a permanent ink and randomly stamp.28 august TCW leeann pearce 005

Step 5: Cut out each of your girls using scraps of pattern paper and glue down. Allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 006

Step 6: Paint in her skin color and hair. Add texture to her dress using a stencil and texture paste. Allow to dry.

Doodling template -Daisy window fragments

The Crafter's Workshop - Rhonda's Fragments - Doodling Template - Daisy Window Fragments

6×6 doodling template – mini daisy splash

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Daisy Splash

28 august TCW leeann pearce 007

Step 7: Color your stencil design in using ink. Add a short quote using random sticker words. Painted a flower in hair and allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 008

Step 8: Once everything is dry. Add the rest of your details using gel pens, rub-ons, bling and stamps etc.28 august TCW leeann pearce 009

and the end result. You can now frame these canvas or send to a friend. I’m going to take these in and get postcards made up and send some hello’s to special friends.
28 august TCW leeann pearce 003

Thank you for popping by today and I hope I have inspired you to have a wee play with your stencils.


Leeann Pearce… Design Team Member for The Crafters Workshop

Celebration Gift Wrapping

Hello everyone Jen here. Today’s post is on creating your very own


W * wrapping -1

My daughter’s birthday is coming up and when I found myself needing more wrapping paper I thought I would try a hand at creating my own. This is a very simple and fun way to create vibrant paper for any gift giving occasion.

Supplies needed:


Step 1:  Choose  paint for your background, then roll out your freezer paper to desired length.

(I painted on the dull side of the freezer paper) the color I used was “Alizarine Crimson”, aka. Magenta for the background.

I found using a wide foam brush worked really well when you have a large surface to cover.

Let this 1st layer dry.

Step 1 painting

Step 2: Adding stencil & color

Place the stencil ( TCW # 528 daily buzz flower portion ) over your first layer of paint.

I used “Brilliant Violet” to stencil the flowers.

Step 2 stecncil

I then alternated between painting the flowers violet and a dusty pink.

Step 2 layering color

You’ll want to paint you entire piece of paper with the stencil. You can fill in any gaps and go back over the piece with sections or different sizes of the flowers.

filling in the gaps

Here’s the full sheet-you can stop here if you like, bit I decided to take this a bit further.


*w Layered flowers-1

I decided to layer over the flowers with TCW # 2075 Hot Air Balloon. 

Step 3 Balloon stencil

Placing the stencil around in random places on the paper in “Buttermilk”. Really loving how you can see the layers of colors peeking through the hot air balloon.

Step 3 with balloons


Step 3 done with layer

Let paper dry, completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Adding detail and outlining

I used a white paint pen and traced around each hot air balloon while giving some details to the flowers.

Step 4 adding details flowers

Here’s a close up shot.

*w close up-1

and the full page of painted paper

* W Full sheet-1

I tried another stencil, Tiled Flowers TCW # 537

I painted the background blue then used gesso over this stencil.



I found that the freezer paper held up really well to multiple layers of paint, being flexible while being very durable, holds up to folding without even a wrinkle! Perfect to create your own custom gift wrapping.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


2015  Crafter’s Workshop 2015 Design Team


Stencil Your Own Diecuts – LOVE (& hope)

Hi everyone!  I love diecuts and using them to layer under photos or cluster together.  I thought this ‘Cabbage Roses’ stencil would be great, fussy cut to make my own diecuts.  I used a couple other stencils to create the background on a piece of vanilla cardstock.LOVE (& hope)_TCW_Aug 2015 final

You can click below or HERE to go the video on my YouTube Channel.

I used different stencils that are linked below. (the Word Association Template in 2 different sizes)

WordAssociation TCW514CabbageRoses tinycircles

To begin, I misted the background using the ‘Tiny Circles’ stencil in teal and gold mist.  I used plain white modeling paste with both the 6×6 and 12×12 ‘Word Association’ stencil on top of the misted background.  I wanted to keep it subtle and make sure the photo and the roses were the focus.LOVE (& hope)_TCW_Aug 2015 (9)I used different shades of pinks and peaches to color the rose petals in Distress Ink and other ink pads. I used the same technique with the green leaf stencil and cut them all out leaving a small white border.LOVE (& hope)_TCW_Aug 2015 (7)I mounted the vanilla cardstock onto a piece of wood grained patterned paper.  After creating a cluster underneath my photo, I stitched through the border, flowers and other embellishments.  I added some other stickers and splatters to finish it off.LOVE (& hope)_TCW_Aug 2015 (10)I hope this inspired you to make your own diecuts and embellishments using stencils in a different way!  Be sure to share your stencil creations on our Facebook page or by tagging The Crafter’s Workshop on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!

Stencils used:





Thanks for stopping by the Blog and have an amazing day!

Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Bible Journaling with Stencils

Hello Creatives!

DT Member,  Keri Sallee, here and today I want to share with you a new creative outlet that I have found: Bible Journaling. Have you heard of it? It’s all about using the margins of your bible as an art journal.

For this piece, I was adding notes from a recent sermon to my bible. Just a note: my bible is not an actual “journaling” bible. It is just a bible with wider margins. However, they do make beautiful bibles with large amounts of space just for this purpose!

Here is what I came up with:


IMG_0819 IMG_0817

For this project, I used 1 stencil and 1 fragment:

TCW502S-Impressions (6×6)


TCW2085-Crusader’s Heart Remnant by Rebekah Meier


After I placed wax paper between my pages, I started with laying a base layer of clear gesso over both pages and allowing it to dry. Then I added a couple colors of acrylic paint that matched the Fancy Pants “Collecting Moments” stickers I chose to use.


Next, I grabbed my Adirondack Paint Dabber in Citrus and my impressions stencils, using the “fish net” section. Holding the stencil, lightly dab your paint through your stencil. Add splashes of green all over!


Next, I used a make-up sponge, Heidi Swapp’s Archival Dye Ink Pad in Navy and the “Crusader’s Heart” remnant.


Using a make-up sponge allows for a very clear image without the color feeling very harsh.

I also used this same technique and used the distressed edges of my remnant stencil to add some color and designs to the edges of my pages.


Once I reached this point, I felt like my pages needed a little more color, so I grabbed my “Impressions” stencil and my Adirondack Dabber (this time in “Lemonade.) I chose the “dots” on my “Impressions” stencils because of the varying sizes of the circles, but was still a similar shape to the existing “fish net” I had already used.


I added a few pieces of tape stickers from the Fancy Pants “Collecting Moments” collection to my background and then added a few splashes of my yellow circles over them to help them blend. I also edged my pages here and there with the yellow as well. I feel like doing this keeps the eye from drifting off the page.

Here is my completed background before I added any writing or stickers.


When you get ready to journal, choose a pen that works well over acrylic paint. I used a Micron but Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens work well, too.


Here is my completed pages again so you can see how the background supports my journaling on top of it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project and you are inspired to look at new places to express your art.

Until Next Time:

Keri Sallee

TCW Design Team Member and Certified TCW Instructor

Art With Limited Supplies

Happy Monday, everyone! Just because it’s the start of the work week doesn’t mean we can’t take some artsy time for ourselves! Today I’m sharing some tags that I created with a very verrry limited supply list…


I’ve actually been in the process of moving, and just bought my first home last week! So things have definitely been crazy… and things have also been stuck in boxes! In an earlier post I showed you how to spruce up some travel pouches. This post shows how I used those supplies to makes some fun tags!


I started with an old tag I was going to throw away and some old book text. I glued the two together and then fringed the edges with my scissors


The rest of my tags are created using only Gelatos and The Crafter’s Workshop 6×6 stencils.


I used the “Believe Script” stencil with a wet sponge to wipe away some of the color. You could also use a baby wipe to create this look (but my baby wipes were in a box!)


Next I used the “Daily Buzz” stencil to add stems and flowers. I placed the stencil where I wanted the stems and rubbed green Gelatos with my finger. Next I placed the flower and rubbed Red and Pink Gelatos over the stencils.




Here’s my finished tag….


I created another tag using all the same steps just with different colors and stencils…


Thanks for stopping in today! With just a few supplies you can still create some very fun tags! Happy stenciling :)

Rachel Kleinman

blog / youtube

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

The Crafter’s Workshop Certified Educator

Stencils used:

TCW 528s – Daily Buzz

TCW 554s – Butterfly Collage

TCW 541s – Believe Script

TCW 222s – Triangle Mosaic