Dimensional Canvas with CM Metallics

Hello! Tami Sanders here with a project featuring CM Metallics from Imagine Crafts.

This canvas has DOUBLE dimension thanks to the mini canvases and the designs on them made using CM Metallics…

TCW dream canvas, altered canvas,izink,tami sanders - WM

The mini canvases each have a dimensional design done in a different shade of CM Metallic: Gold, Silver and Copper. The Creative Mediums are SO smooth and creamy, which makes them VERY spreadable and VERY easy to use. Here is a closeup shot of the minis…

FullSizeRender (5)

I used several stencils to create the background canvas: TCW227 Chevron, TCW278 Circle Explosion, NEW! TCW525s 6″ Screen Print, NEW! TCW527 Word Association and NEW! TCW527s 6″ Word Association.

And for the mini canvases: ALL NEW! TCW548s 6″ Herbarium, TCW 536s Postcard and TCW554s 6″ Butterfly Collage.

Shimmery Izink Inks from Clearsnap were used to paint the canvases and stenciled designs.

I’ve put together a Snapguide that shows how I made this canvas step-by-step. The guide includes both photos and written directions as well as a complete supply list. You can view it here: DIMENSIONAL ALTERED CANVAS

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Tami Sanders


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Pretty Pinwheels: 3 of 3 Quick and Easy Posts Today!

Hello! Tami Sanders here with a fun project to share with you – a trio of pretty pastel pinwheels…

pinwheels -1- tcw,the crafter's workshop, kids party decor,kids party favors,girls birthday party,girls decor,inking stencils,making pinwheels,tami sanders - shwm

These pinwheels would be cute for a child’s room decor, party decor or favors. They are easy to make as well. All you need are some TCW stencils, cardstock, ink, straws and buttons.

Start with a square of cardstock, use 3″ for cute mini pinwheels or 12″ for GIANT size pinwheels!

The pinwheels in the sample were made using 4 1/2″, 5″ and 6″ squares. Use the stencil of your choice to ink one side of each cardstock square. I used ColorBox Black Pigment Ink for this project, so I heat set the ink once it was applied.

To make the pinwheels, you need to cut diagonally from each corner toward the center, stopping about 1/2″ to 2″ from the center of the square depending on it’s size. Then fold the tip of ONE corner from each section down to the center and adhere it. I found it easiest to just make an “X” from corner to corner on the back of each square using a pencil and ruler as a cutting guide.

To embellish the centers of the pinwheels, I stenciled designs on buttons using ColorBox Black Surfacez Ink. Glue the buttons to cover the ends of the corners at the center…

pinwheels -2- tcw,the crafter's workshop, kids party decor,kids party favors, birthday party,girls decor,making pinwheels,tami sanders - shwm

Glue straws to the back of the pinwheels to finish them off.

Supplies Used:

THE CRAFTER’S WORKSHOPTCW205s Mini Houndstooth, TCW195s Mini Brocade, TCW317 Pattern Strips, TCW278 Circle Explosion, TCW189s Mini Zebra Print, TCW347s Mini Kaleidoscope

OTHER: Clearsnap: ColorBox Black Pigment Ink, Colorbox Black Surfacez Ink and ColorBox Stylus & Tips, Beacon Adhesive: 3-in-1 Glue, Peach, Pink and Lime Cardstock, Buttons and Striped Straws

TOOLS: Heat Gun, Trimmer, Scissors, Ruler and Pencil

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Tami Sanders… The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Bamboo Placemat Memo/Photo Holder

Hello! Tami Sanders here to share an inexpensive organizational project with you.

Do you have lots of paper “bits” tucked here and there like coupons, business cards, notes to self, etc? Do you forget where you stash them? How about making a memo holder to keep them all need and organized and more importantly – at hand when you need them! And not just any memo holder, but a decorative one using TCW Stencils…

bamboo mat memo board - tcw,the crafter's workshop,stencils,inking stencils,room decor,home decor,teen decor, $1 project,inking stencils, tami sanders - wm 1

The base of the memo holder was a bamboo placemat that I found at the $1 store.

Then I selected a few stencils: TCW366 Scallop Flowers and TCW278 Circle Explosion and inked the designs using ColorBox Crafter’s Inks in colors that coordinated with my space. I did the circles first, then added a scattering of the flowers. Heat set the ink to make it permanent, then add a coat of sealer for good measure…

bamboo mat memo board - tcw,the crafter's workshop,stencils,inking stencils,room decor,home decor,teen decor, $1 project,inking stencils, tami sanders - wm 2

Then all that was left to do was to add paperclips in between the bamboo slats to hold memos – or as I did for the sample – photos…

bamboo mat memo board - tcw,the crafter's workshop,stencils,inking stencils,room decor,home decor,teen decor, $1 project,inking stencils, tami sanders - wm 3

Supplies Used:

THE CRAFTER’S WORKSHOPTCW366 Scallop Flowers and TCW278 Circle Explosion

OTHER: Clearsnap: ColorBox Crafter’s Ink: Aquamarine, Limelight, Fire, Tangelo and Sweetpea and ColorBox Stylus & Tips, Bamboo Mat, Ribbon and Paper Clips

Tami Sanders… The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Museum Scrapbook Page

Hello! Tami Sanders here with a scrapbook layout that I would like to share.

Sometimes you have a special photo that you just can’t find the perfect paper for. That’s when you need to create your OWN paper! The Crafter’s Workshop has TONS of stencils in lots of different themes and styles.

My family recently visited Houston for Spring Break. One of our stops was The Fine Arts Museum, Houston. They have this cool art installation in a tunnel that connects two buildings. I really wanted to show off the photo so I went through my TCW stencil stash and pulled out a few that I thought would accent the photo.

I decided to use Izink Inks as they have a slight shimmer and are a hybrid of ink and acrylic paint. They are easy to work with and dry fast, plus they aren’t so liquid-y that they ooze under the stencil.

I used a disposable plate to mask off a rounded edge of the Circle Explosion template. If you only want to use a certain portion a template, there are lots of ways to do it. Blue painter’s tape is a quick and easy way {I used it to hold the foam plate down}, or think of objects with the shape you want. If you can’t ink over them, you can always pencil in the lines, then mask them off with the tape.

Here is the finished page…

museum layout

I made a short video that shows how I created this scrapbook page step-by-step…

Supply List:

THE CRAFTER’S WORKSHOPTCW278 Circle Explosion, TCW454 Specimen, TCW437 Texturized, TCW227 Chevron and TCW363s Mini Diamonds

OTHER: Clearsnap: Izink Ink: Iris, Volubilis, Mimosa, Safran, Cavier
and Jasmine and ColorBox Stylus & Tips, Beacon Adhesives: Zip
Dry, Black and White Cardstock, Metal Label and Brads

TOOLS: Trimmer, Blue Painter’s Tape, Foam Plate and Pencil

Tami Sanders… The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Layouts and Stencils…..

Hi Everyone…..Lynne Forsythe here, I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED to be sharing with you one of my latest creations using the Crafter’s Workshop stencils.

As my children have grown older I began to shy away from layouts
and to expand into forms of Mixed Media.
Now, my art is about to return to it’s roots…..
with a new little addition to my family…..my grandson Izaya!
I have more pictures of this little one than I know what to do with!


I LOVE Mixed Media so I began to experiment with how to
integrate the techniques into my layouts.

You're Special by Lynne Forsythe

I pulled out a few of my to go to stencils…
TCW267 ~ Ledger
TCW278 ~ Circle Explosion
TCW202 ~ Harlequin
TCW324 ~ Hexagon

You're Special by Lynne Forsythe

As I am a bit unfamiliar with applying “mists” through stencils
I decided to experiment with a few different applicators…
Make up Sponges
Paint Brush
Sea Sponge

You're Special by Lynne Forsythe

I LOVED how the Sea Sponge gave the appearance of texture.

You're Special by Lynne Forsythe

When I was happy with my “misty” background
I just had to add some texture….
a bit of Ferro through the TCW202 Harlequin Stencil.

You're Special by Lynne ForsytheFor a bit of a pop…..
I ran a bit of Molding Paste through
the TCW267 Ledger Stencil
….the perfect addition.

Now that my background was complete
I scrapped this “manly” page of “My Lil Bug!”
Isn’t he just the cutest??!??!?

Lynne Forsythe
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team
the next best thing by lynne