Stencils & Encaustic Painting

My name is Raven Voss and I am an Encaustic artist. I love painting with wax and incorporating all my favorite things into my work. Paper, keys, birds, vintage maps, old postcards and romantic old letters, dictionary pages, all types of printed words and what ever I can find that moves me.


One of my new favorite tools to use with my encaustic art are The Crafter’s Workshop Stencils. These stencils are so lovely, easy to use and they really make my life so much easier. Plus there are so many to choose from, there is a stencil for everyone.

stencil pictures


One of the reasons these stencils are so perfect for wax and my work is that you can paint the wax directly on top of the stencil, fuse and simply remove the stencil. It’s like magic! The way The Crafter’s Workshop Stencils allow me to incorporate 3-D wax into my work is really exciting. I used to spend hours painting and fusing three dimensional wax, now with the stencils I have much more flexibility.


cropped thank you


The uses for The Crafter’s Workshop stencils in my work seems endless and I can’t wait for my next series of paintings. Here are just a few….


woodgrain study in red


To see more of my work –

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I also want to send a special Thank You to Jaime for allowing me this cool opportunity to be a guest on your blog. This one’s for you!

jaime's thank you



Melenia from Greece

I think I need to go to Greece. It’s always been on my “to-do” list, but all of the sudden I’m seeing beautiful work using all of our templates. I need to go.  I like Greek food. I like the beach. I like to sit and sip coffee.  Good, dark coffee. And add some paper and fun media, I’m set!

Melenia sent me these links and images. Wow. Beautiful. I’ve linked each image to her blog posts. My Greek is non-existent.  So I’ll assume she wrote something like: “oh, I love The Crafter’s Workshop templates. When I’m not enjoying beautiful Greece, I am playing with each and every template that I own.  Dreaming about more templates…” Or something like that. I’m sure that’s what she wrote. Right?

Soulful Artist Event

Andrea Walford is the Creative Director and Owner of Paper Crafter’s Library.  It has an online library of video tutorials, some free, some with a paid subscription.
BUT, Andrea is also an avid fan of our templates, and she traveled to Donna Downey’s studio and took a class with Donna and Christy Tomlinson. Here is a close-up of what she created:

Great colors and dimension.
She said she was inspired by Christy’s sample below:

Yes, that girl Christy loves stencils too!!
To read more about Andrea’s experience with Donna and Christy, click here.