Shabby quote tags using an assortment of stencils…

Hello… Today I have a fun project to share with you.  Just recently I had to make an apron with lots and lots of pretty blooms on it, for my daughters “100 days of school celebration”. and because I had my fabric scraps out I decide to make some shabby quote tags with the leftovers.

TCW 26 SEP lp 007So lets get a few supplies together. I used and assortment of 6×6 stencil and fragments.

TCW503 Signals, TCW506 Stepping Stones,TCW523 Be in love, TCW542 Rug, TCW2069 Bokeh Fragments, TCW341 Pie Chart, TCW541 Believe Script.

Other supplies: texture paste, shipping tags, spray inks, scraps of fabrics, ribbons and blooms. cotton thread, epoxy stickers, wood veneer, bella blvd quote stickers,sewing machine, cork and cardboard hearts and a gel pen.

Step 1:  Using an assortment of stencils apply texture paste thru each stencil on to the shipping tags (as many tags as you like). Allow to dry.

TCW 26 SEP lp 001

Step 2: Once dry grab an assortment of spray inks and spritz away. Allow each color to dry.

TCW 26 SEP lp 002

Step 3: Once the spray ink is dry use the script  stencil and place over the top of the shipping tags. Using a black ink randomly ink the edges. This gives the tag extra detail.

TCW 26 SEP lp 003

And the end result after using texture paste, spray ink and stamping ink. These are now ready to be embellished.

TCW 26 SEP lp 004

The next step is all yours, get creative with your fabric and ribbon scraps and machine stitch some of the scraps to the bottom of the tags, add some flower blooms, cotton thread, hearts, buttons, or what ever is lying about. And finish your tag of by sticking a quote on it. Outline the quote with a gel pen and you are all done!

…and a wee close up of the tags for you to enjoy.

TCW 26 SEP lp 005 TCW 26 SEP lp 006

Thank you for popping by today I hope you have been inspire to create a bit of cuteness  and colorful art.

Leeann Pearce … Design Team Member for “The Crafters Workshop”

Family Layout Video Tutorials with Amy Prior

Hi there Crafter’s Workshop fans! Amy Prior back with you all today, this time sharing 2 scrapbook layouts using lots of Mixed Media Techniques and both include a video tutorial that I have created for Scraps of Darkness while also using Crafter’s Workshop stencils!tn_Family is the key to everything by Amy Prior A closeup so you can see the gorgeous texture on this layout.tn_Family is the key to everything by Amy Prior5 Click play below to watch the complete start to finish video of this layout using lots of yummy products from the Crafter’s Workshop and the Scraps of Darkness September Kit.
For this layout I have used TCW311s – Paint Lids & TCW522s – Rock CrystalsTCW311 TCW522
The next layout that I have to share with you all is featuring the same kit contents as the last layout but this time focusing more on the purple and green colours. tn_Us by Amy Prior Here is a closeup image so you can see the fun texture from the Shimmerz paint and stencilling.tn_Us by Amy Prior5Click play below to watch the complete start to finish video of this layout using lots of yummy products from the Crafter’s Workshop and the Scraps of Darkness September Kit.

For this layout I have used TCW191s – Bricks stencil which is an oldie but still one of my all time favourites.
Well that is all from me today, I hope these videos have helped inspire new things to do with your favourite Crafter’s Workshop stencils and until next time, happy scrapping!

Amy Prior…The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

SPOOK Halloween Journal with Rachel Kleinman

Hello Stencil Fans! Rachel Kleinman here and just yesterday I had the greatest happy mail of the year…

85 BRAND NEW THE CRAFTER’S WORKSHOP STENCILS arrived at my door! I immediately gravitated toward the Halloween inspired stencils and started creating a little art journal page.

2015-09-09 21.41.51

Let me show you some steps for how this page was made…


I started with the new Lace 6×6 stencil and covered both pages with Distress Paint in Antique Linen. I pick up the paint with a little makeup sponge then dab through the stencil. This stops from having too much paint seep under the stencil where you don’t want it!


Once the paint was completely dry, I sprayed the entire page with Dylusions Crushed Grape ink spray and a lot of water (to dilute the bold purple color). As the spray ink starts to dry, the gorgeous pattern from the Lace stencil starts to appear. It’s a subtle background but looks great and is simple to achieve.


Time to use the Spiderweb stencil! I placed it inside a cardboard box and heavily sprayed the stencil with DecoArt Carbon Black mister (which is permanent when dry). Then I carefully picked it up and flipped it over and onto my journal. I pressed the stencil down with a paper towel so my fingers wouldn’t spread ink where I didn’t want it.


It works almost like a giant stamp, I love how it came out! Now it’s time for modeling paste! I mixed some DecoArt Modeling Paste with Distress Ink ‘Twisted Citron’, then randomly added numbers throughout the page.

2015-09-09 19.29.26

The numbers and the ravens you see below are from an older ‘Ravenscape‘ TCW stencil.


I also used Art Deco Alphabet stencil to spell ‘SPOOK’ with the same modeling paste. Before the paste dried, I covered it with silver embossing powder and heat it up!


My two little ravens are the final steps. I used the Ravenscape 6×6 stencil to trace the raven image onto some Guaze Paper from DCWV, then fussy cut them. I coated them in Versamark ink and covered them in clear embossing powder, then heated it with my heat gun. While the powder was still melted/wet, I added silver and black embossing powder and heat it up again.




Thanks so much for joining me in this how-to SPOOKY journal page! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!

Rachel Kleinman

blog / youtube

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

The Crafter’s Workshop Certified Educator

Stencils used:

TCW 529s – Ravenscape

TCW 557s – Lace

TCW 572 – Spiderweb

TCW 555s – Art Deco Alphabet

Inspired by Grids

Happy September crafty friends!  Hard to believe another month is gone from this year!

I have had this Instagram photo in a “to be documented” pile and was inspired by the square format to use other grids and square shapes.april 2015_TCW_Sept 2015 border 2

I used the 3 stencils below with a combination of mixed media ink, spray mist, ink and modeling paste.


I started with the 12×12 Oblong Doodling Template on white cardstock and a mix of 3 different ColorBox Media Inx.april 2015_TCW_Sept 2015 (16)

I concentrated the teal color under the largest square, where I planned the photo to be and worked out from there.  After trimming the cardstock, I mounted the painted grid onto a couple different patterned papers.
april 2015_TCW_Sept 2015 (21)

I had several tags, including a canvas one, that I stenciled distress ink using the Mini Life Tidbits calendar stencil.  I added another layer of gold modeling paste with the 2015 over the canvas tag.april 2015_TCW_Sept 2015 (8)

Wanting to add some color and texture under the photo, I misted some vellum with the 6×6 Tangled Web stencil.  I liked the combination of grungy grid with the larger irregular background.april 2015_TCW_Sept 2015 (1)After layering the vellum and stenciled tags, I added the photo with 3-dimensional adhesive onto the background. 021I cut a couple rectangles out of the background with a craft knife to let the patterned papers show.  I also used lots of stitching to secure the pieces down and add texture.020You can follow the links below to the stencils I used.

Be sure to share your stencil creations on our Facebook page or by tagging The Crafter’s Workshop on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!

Stencils used:




Thanks for stopping by the Blog and have an amazing day!

Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Mini Canvas, using an assortment of stencils…

Hello, I hope you are all well. Today I’m sharing some mini she art canvas  using an assortment of stencils to add dimension and texture.

I would like to share with you all that my inspiration came from taking one off “the she art workshop” by Christy Tomlinson” back in 2011. And since then I am still so very much inspired to create “she art girls”  of course I’m adding my own touch and style to them now, especially with an assortment of awesome stencils by “the crafters workshop”.

But first a couple of the stencils I used:

6×6 doodling templates – mini impressions

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Impressions

6×6 doodling templates – mini butterfly collage

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Butterfly Collage

6×6 doodling templates – hourglass


The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Template - Hourglass

6×6 doodling templates – mini repeating pods

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Repeating Pods

Step 1: Grab some canvas boards any size you like to work with. I’m using 5×7 boards. Use an assortment of papers and collage, using a clear drying decoupage glue. Allow to dry.

28 august TCW leeann pearce 01a

Step 2: Grab some texture paste and stencils. Randomly stencil all over, mix it up by using different designs. Allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 01b

Step 3: Using sprays and inks and randomly paint your inks on. Allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 004

Step 4: Use an assortment of stamps and a permanent ink and randomly stamp.28 august TCW leeann pearce 005

Step 5: Cut out each of your girls using scraps of pattern paper and glue down. Allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 006

Step 6: Paint in her skin color and hair. Add texture to her dress using a stencil and texture paste. Allow to dry.

Doodling template -Daisy window fragments

The Crafter's Workshop - Rhonda's Fragments - Doodling Template - Daisy Window Fragments

6×6 doodling template – mini daisy splash

The Crafter's Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Daisy Splash

28 august TCW leeann pearce 007

Step 7: Color your stencil design in using ink. Add a short quote using random sticker words. Painted a flower in hair and allow to dry.28 august TCW leeann pearce 008

Step 8: Once everything is dry. Add the rest of your details using gel pens, rub-ons, bling and stamps etc.28 august TCW leeann pearce 009

and the end result. You can now frame these canvas or send to a friend. I’m going to take these in and get postcards made up and send some hello’s to special friends.
28 august TCW leeann pearce 003

Thank you for popping by today and I hope I have inspired you to have a wee play with your stencils.


Leeann Pearce… Design Team Member for The Crafters Workshop