Blue Bird – Art Journal & Process Video

Hi there stencil lovers!  Jenni here today to share an art journal spread and the video of my process.BlueBird_TCW_Aug 2015 Final

You can click below or HERE to go the video on my YouTube Channel.

I used the 3 different stencils that are linked below.

TCW540StripedFlowerCircle TCW504PebbleArtFlyAway

I started by adding lots of yellows, oranges and pinks to my art journal using gelatos and mists.  I used a thick layer of modeling paste with the Striped Flower Stencil.  I went over the stenciled part several times with colored pencil, watercolor crayons and gesso to help add definition and tone down the color.

BlueBird_TCW_Aug 2015 (16)

I added another layer of detail using the Doodling Pebble Art stencil with ink and paint.  The last stencil I used is the 12×12 Fly Away, using a sponge dauber and Archival Ink.

BlueBird_TCW_Aug 2015 (19)

I added color to the bird and a little around the rest of the pages with Distress Inks and a brush.  I finished up the spread with lots of black & white doodles and dots and this stamp I love!

BlueBird_TCW_Aug 2015 (17)

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Stencils used:




Thanks for stopping by the Blog and have an amazing day!

Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Plastic box for sequins

Hello everyone!

It is Tanya here. I love to make useful and beautiful things for my home and studio. I have a lot of different sequins and I had a problem with their storage.  I used a plastic transparent box of chocolates. I decided to make it beautiful with The Crafters Workshop stensil.

thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk11 thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk10


And I have a few photo of process.

It was my box before:


I choose TCW514 and used a liner





Then I prepared an alcohol inks


And started to draw on another back of my box


thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk4 thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk6 thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk7

There are my roses on white paper:



And finally I  glued a few flowers,paper napkin and sequins

thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk9 thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk10 thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk11 thecraftersworkshop-tanyapalamarchuk12


Have a great day!

The Crafters Workshop products:


Tanya Palamarchuk

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member



Herbarium fun …

I had some playtime in my Art Journal, an old diary.
Two pages for you today, with the beautiful herbarium 12×12 stencil. LOVE the size of this one, so useful!art journal TCW geelgroen blad (1) I started by just playing around, without even thinking of what I wanted to achieve. Only the stencil and two colours of some Gelatos type sticks.
By using a baby wipe, you can easily take color away as well, that’s how I achieved the layered look. I’ve also used the same stencil and a Magenta stamp to add some script.
art journal TCW geelgroen blad (2)
I’ve sponged the same leaf onto a separate piece of cardstock, cut it out, and added the back clean side to the page. It looks like a diecut, but it isn’t. As you can see I’ve used the stencil to make it!  I LOVE to use my stencils this way.


On this page I played with the same stencil (and stamp from Magenta) some more:
Art journal TCW leaves collage  (2) Go grab your stencils, and play!


Ellie Knol
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

I’ve used this beautiful stencil :
TCW548 Herbarium 12×12
TCW548 Herbarium 12x12

Sunny Layout about True Love

Hi everyone!

It is Tanya. Today I have sunny layout that I made with my lovely The Crafters Workshop stencils for my dear friend. I used mists and black gesso for the background. Lets see!

thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk4 thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk2 thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk3

Do you interest how I create my background!? I have a few photos of process.

1. I choose paper with black and white pattern. Then I covered a part of paper with white acrylic primer

thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk5 thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk6 thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk7

2. I prepared 2 stencils The Crafters Workshop:





3. I added color on diagonal with mist:




thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk9 thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk10 thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk11

4. I made texture with black gesso and stensil



thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk12 thecraftersworkshop_tanyapalamarchuk13

5. Then I again added  color on black surface




6. Some stamping:





7. And finally – black mist:





My background is ready!




I used scrap paper, chipboards, vellum and die cuts for the layering and buttons, drops and sequins for the accent in my LO



Have a great day!

The Crafters Workshop products:



Tanya Palamarchuk

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

An altered butterfly book …

Today I’d like to share how to easily change the cover of a dummy book!

This is how it turned out:

TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (7)


A step by step tutorial:

 TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (1)
Start by sanding the cover really well to get rid of the gloss, and so the gesso in the next step will have some grip to it .

TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (2) Paint the cover with white gesso, front and back!  Leave to dry…

TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (3) Paint the cover with brown acrylic paint… it doesn’t have to be all covered, a distressed feel to it is OK. Leave to dry.
Paint the cover with (quick) crackle medium. Leave to dry.

TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (4) Paint the cover with white acrylic paint, it will immediately start to crack, so add your paint in one streak, don’t go over the same spot twice. It doesn’t matter if the paint doesn’t get on evenly, it adds to the distressed feel of it!
Leave to dry…

TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (5) Spray some color onto the book. I used a custom made pearl spray. Leave to dry.

TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (6) Stamp some script (Magenta Style) onto the cover with a black permanent ink.

TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (7)  And now for the fun part:
Add structure to the cover with the Butterfly Collage stencil :
add structure paste with a palette knife.
Leave to dry. 
TCW boek blauwbruin crackle stencil vlinder  (8)

LOVE this stencil, I will be using this one a lot!
Hope you like it!

See you next time;
Ellie Knol
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member


TCW554 Butterfly Collage 6×6