Ali’s December Daily









Every December, Ali Edwards creates an album just for December. She highlights this process in her “December Daily” blog.  This year she’s getting a lot simpler by using a 4×6 Album. And, lucky us, she used our TCW246 Swiss Dot stencil to create one of her transparency pages using cream colored acrylic paint.








You can click here to see all of her December Daily posts.

TCW246 Swiss Dot







And here is a video that walks you through an overview of her Foundation Pages:

December Daily 2012 from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

Love Cristin Grönnslett

Ahhh. For all layout artists who love pretty layouts and want to incorporate mixed media and stencils, HERE YA’ GO! Cristin Grönnslett leads the way (from Norway!!) to show us how “less can be more”.

“Messy” can be subtle. It can be color coordinated. It can be harmonious. Don’t be afraid to reach beyond your comfort zone. You can layer, one soft layer after another soft layer. You don’t need to scream “I’m a mixed media artist”, you can whisper it.

We’ll still hear you.

Spray Paints á là Pam Garrison

Pam Garrison is one of those artists/designers/instructors with whom I’ve kept in touch, because her work is so inspiring. Every once in awhile I get an email with pretty things attached to it. This was one of those days.

Just so inspiring. right?  Pull out all of your goodies, lay down some craft paper (brown paper bags?!?), open up that cardboard box in your recycling bin and let loose! And be sure to post what you come up with on our Facebook page.

Sandrine Dawes

Sandrine Dawes from Australia sent these wonderful layouts.

She wrote, “I live in Australia and your templates are all the rage at the moment, I thought you might like to see what I did with some of your templates, I so love them!”

Great layouts, Sandrine. Thanks so much for sharing!! (And as the mom of a boy, creating a non-frilly boy page is no easy task!!)

Soulful Artist Event

Andrea Walford is the Creative Director and Owner of Paper Crafter’s Library.  It has an online library of video tutorials, some free, some with a paid subscription.
BUT, Andrea is also an avid fan of our templates, and she traveled to Donna Downey’s studio and took a class with Donna and Christy Tomlinson. Here is a close-up of what she created:

Great colors and dimension.
She said she was inspired by Christy’s sample below:

Yes, that girl Christy loves stencils too!!
To read more about Andrea’s experience with Donna and Christy, click here.