Imagine What is Possible with Karenliz

Hi Karenliz here!

Today I’m using the Mini Palms stencil to decorate a small 5″ x 5″ wooden frame. The project takes time but it looks so good when its done.

I painted the wooden frame black and then I traced the stencil on the frame.


Using a scrap of deli paper I traced the stencil on the back. The tricky part is to trace the stencil using the opposite side so it matches what you traced on the frame. Then slowly using matte medium I attached each piece to the frame. It did take time to do and its best to half the frame and wait for it to dry and then continue.


Although it took time to piece the stencil design on the frame, it worked out perfect. Like I said anything is possible with a stencil.

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No Window Die? Grab a Stencil!

Hi Karenliz here.

Have you ever started a project and realized you didn’t have the right tool to complete it? It can be very frustrating.  It happened to me when I wanted to make a card with a window but didn’t have the die to put through my die cutting machine. Look at your stencils! I wanted a round window and using these two stencils I created my card.


Using the Moroccan Tiles stencil I took a piece of cardstock, traced my tile and cut it out.  I added acrylic and crackle paint to my new window to make it look aged.


If you look closely you can see all the cracks. I didn’t use heavy paper so it warped a little but if you put it under something heavy it will flatten.  My next step I created the background with the Harlequin stencil, black acrylic paint, matte gel medium and then painted over it with a wash of gray paint.  With archival and distress inks I created the window scene and attached the window.  My last touch was a big fat furry spider.


Remember there are amazing windows, doors, and portals in stencils. You just have to look a little closer and you will see them.

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Cardboard! The new mixed-media surface!!


Hi everyone, Karenliz here.

We all have cardboard boxes around the house and today I will show that those boxes are not just for packing.

This is what I used: TCW Stencils: Moroccan Tiles, Abstract Leaves and 4 Flowers, acrylic paints, xacto knife, woman image, paper flowers, spray inks and miscellaneous bits of leftover embellishments.

Ronda Palazzari Moroccan Tile Ronda Palazzari Leaves 4flowers























First, I painted the tag sized piece of cardboard with paint and dried it with a heat gun. I traced the stencil on the cardboard and cut out the negative space.

As you cut away the negative space you can see the underneath the cardboard.

2013 09 08_4003cb

This can get addicting but its lots of fun. As you get more proficient at carving cardboard you can start using more detailed stencils and start embellishing.

2013 09 08_3994cb

Get out your cardboard boxes and start cutting them up! Remember watch your fingers while carving!

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Donna’s “faux encaustic” Tiny Circles!!










Have you seen Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday video? Do you see those wonderful Tiny Circles by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer?? TCW361!!













Gorgeous, right? I love the way that lemon yellow sits on top of the surface like that. You can watch Donna’s video here or below. But make sure to stop over at her blog to read the whole shebang!