{Flutter-bye} Necklace by Tami Sanders

Hello! Tami Sanders here to share a project with you; a necklace made using the 6″ Solid Butterflies template – TCW465s

flutterbye necklace - tsanders (1024x786)

The butterfly pieces were made using the Solid Butterflies template filled in with colored pencils on Super Sanded Shrink Film from Grafix. The colors in the designs intensify and brighten when the film is shrunk…

flutterbye necklace 2 - tsanders (1024x786)

Holes were punched before shrinking, and “junque” chain from a broken necklace, along with jump rings and a clasp, were used to put the necklace together.

Here are a few hints to help make creating this project easier:

  • use painter’s tape to secure the shrink film down to your work surface, then tape the template to the shrink film.
  • fill in the larger portions of the designs first, then sharpen your pencils to a very fine point to color in the smaller areas.
  • once you’ve completed your designs, use the painter’s tape to remove any pencil dust. just dab tape onto your design and pull up. much easier and safer than trying to brush off dust which may lead to stray markings on your design.

Templates from The Crafter’s Workshop come in hundreds of different designs so you are sure to find one that will work for your jewelry project. Keep in mind that the shrink film will reduce by about 50% when selecting your templates.




Heathered Feathered Box Purse by Tami Sanders

Hello! Tami Sanders here with a VERY inky, VERY layered altered purse project to share with you…

heathered feathered purse - tsanders wm

This purse started out as a plain, wood, box purse, then layers of inks and designs were added. The inks were heat set after each layer to avoid blending them into each other.

The first layer was a nice, base coat of white acrylic paint. The first layer of design was added using the 12″ Moroccan Tiles template - TCW385 and ColorBox Mix’d Media Inx in Mossy and Verdigris applied using the ColorBox Stylus & Tips. The next layer was made using the 12″ Scallop Flower template - TCW366 and Adobe and Leather Inks. Next, the 12″ Art Is template - TCW261 was inked randomly using Adobe and Leather Inx. Then Mossy Inx was rubbed lightly over the entire purse using a sponge. When dry, the purse was distressed with sandpaper, with heavier “distressing” around the edges.

The raised feather design was created using the 12″ Fancy Feathers templateTCW389 and Golden’s Coarse Molding Paste applied with a palette knife. The paste was allowed to set and dry overnight. It was then tinted using touches of the Vintage and Verdigris Mix’d Media Inx as well as ColorBox Squash and Mudslide Archival Dye Inks from the refill bottles mixed with a little water and applied with a paintbrush.

Holes were drilled in the top of the purse, and wire and beads were used to make the handle.

Think DIMENSION with The Crafter’s Workshop templates and Molding Paste!





Kelly Grace’s gorgeous pants!

IMG_1548First, let me say that I’m not usually photographing women’s legs/thighs. But this was just so incredible that I needed to share! This is our sales rep, Kelly Grace.  She lives in Canada and has so much energy and creativity that it oozes out of her.  Here are her black pants that had a minor stain on them.  So sad.  So what did she do? She grabbed her TCW382 Garden Gate 12×12 stencil and went to work.  She used her Lumière Graphite paint with a little black mixed in.  Slowly and carefully dabbing onto the stencil, onto the pants. I think she said she used some wax paper inside the pant so that it didn’t bleed through. Then she used Viva paint pen for the final “texture” beads on top. Awesome!!

Basic CMYK