Holiday Memories: An Ornament

Hi Karenliz here.

My camera is always charged and ready to take that perfect or not so perfect picture during the holidays.  I’m the photographer who captures everything and anything. I wanted to create an ornament with holiday memories but didn’t know how to frame the pictures on the ornament but thanks to stencils I found the perfect frames. These are the stencils I used for this project.


The first step was to paint the wooden ornament white and then using the  Shattered Circles stencil (TCW408) I added silver and pearl acrylic paint.  Next, I used Twas The Night stencil (TCW394) and with modeling paste added the Christmas tree and and the word joy on the stencil (Step 2).


I needed frames for my pictures so I traced the Captured stencil (TCW392) on a piece of cardstock and cut out the frames (Step3); painted them with gold acrylic paint (Step4). By now the modeling paste was dry and I was able to paint the tree and the word joy.  I found some interesting Christmas pictures on my computer and resized them for the frames. Here is the finished ornament.


These pictures are not of my family but these are the pictures I love to take. Not posed, not perfect, just holiday memories to look back on and say “Remember that?”.  Do you have some funny holiday memories to put on your ornaments?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

remember THIS Blog Hop

We’re hopping again with our pals at Citrus Twist Kits and our signature artist, Jen Boumis. Don’t forget to leave a comment on the Citrus Twist Kits blog to be entered in a chance to win one of Jen’s stencils!!
So today I’m showing you two techniques. The first is a spray plus pen and the second is modeling cream.
Spraying is fun. But not great for fine detail. So what I decided to do was to spray (on my favorite water color paper) let dry, and then trace with my handy-dandy black permanent pen. Experiment with which size nib you like.
Note how the sprayed color swaps out the outer edge of the journal card. Love that!
And here is a new fave, using Splash of Color’s Modeling Cream by Viva. As long as you don’t over-do it, this is a fun and easy technique. (You can also use modeling paste or any other dimensional stuff.)
I like to load up my palette knife on the bottom (I know it seems like you should scoop it like peanut butter, but don’t). And then “smush” and “smear”. The “smush” part is what helps stick the stencil down, the “smear” part is what gets it into the crevices.

Make sure the paste is level with the stencil (scrape it using the flat edge of the knife) and then gently remove. Make sure to wash the palette knife and the stencil immediately with water. If you’re not near a sink, have a bucket of water nearby so that you can drop it in.
And there you have it! Let it dry and don’t be checking it every two minutes!! Let it dry (give it 30 minutes to be safe). Now add journaling or not. You’re golden!

Favorite LifeBits Blog Hop


Welcome to our Citrus Twist Blog Hop featuring the LifeBits stencils by Jen Boumis.  I am computer challenged today so I can’t load the other fun photos I took…will try later.

In the meantime, here is an interesting technique that is not for the impatient-at-heart.

I started with a nice sheet of watercolor paper. I sprayed through a few stencils with ink spray. After the paper was dry, I placed my lifeBits stencil on the paper and scraped molding paste through the stencil onto the paper. Carefully remove the stencil and let dry. I sprayed some more colors onto the paper (and the molding paste) giving a lot of depth in color.
Now the trick was to make the words and image from the lifeBits stencil “pop”! That’s where my white gelpen comes into play. I slowly and lightly colored the raised areas on the molding paste. I find that a swirling circular motion is what works best with these pens. And when I say a “light touch” it really is a light touch. If you push too hard, the little metal rolling ball mechanism scrapes the paint off the section you just drew. The tip might get full of dried “gunk”, I just scribble on my thumb to get it off and move along to the next area (you should see what my thumb looks like after I’m done!)
I hope to load up photos later, but in the meantime, leave a message on the Citrus Twist Kits blog to enter our giveaway contest:

Gellin’ with The Good life

IMG_2622Here we are, Day 2 of the Citrus Twist Kits Blog Hop.  And there’s a prize each day of the hop for one lucky reader who posts a comment on the the Citrus Twist blog.  (I love to read your comments here too, so comment-away!)

Today’s LifeBits (designed by our very own Jen Boumis) is “The Good life”. But don’t limit yourself to just one, there are EIGHT to choose from!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 7.40.55 AM

Hop around to see all of the posts, and leave a message on the Citrus Twist blog.  And keep reading, because I have all of the instructions on this Gel-Pen project just below!!!


Start with a stash of your favorite gel pen.  Now do the inevitable…check that they work.  It’s not that they’ve “dried out” (though, maybe they did), it’s more likely that the gel is just not at the tip right now.  So scribble away to see which ones work.  You can stand the full-but-not-working ones on their heads in a cup for the day and see if they come back to life tomorrow.

Once you’ve chosen your colors (I like an ombre look with “related” colors…green/blue, blue/purple, pink/orange…you get the idea), place your LifeBits stencil on your paper and start.  Make sure you’re using a fairly smooth paper for gel pens. They don’t like the bumps of textured paper. It makes them unhappy.

IMG_2618Trace inside the stencil.  You can go over the same spot (not like the white gel pen from this post.) Just remember that the gel ink takes a few minutes to dry. Careful with your hand or fingers, you could smudge your work in the first few minutes.

And finally, DONE.  These are great for pocket pages, layouts, birthday cards, and more! Have fun.  Join this hop again on Monday, September 16th!



LifeBits Blog Hop – chalked “Hello Today”

IMG_2603We’ve teamed up with the wonderful Citrus Twist design team to bring you a very special blog hop!  It begins today with September 9th, and continues on Mondays and Wednesdays in September through the 23rd. Some of the Citrus Twist “Pocket Life Design Girls” –Jen Boumis, April Joy Hill and WaiSam Ho–are joining  us to share how they are using these wonderful little stencils (which are designed by Jen Boumis). 

When you leave a comment or love for the participating designers on their individual blogs and end your hop by leaving a comment on the Citrus Twist Kits blog, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free Life Bits stencil.  Here are the designers (keep reading to see how I created the “chalked” pocket insert above):

IMG_2605Place your handy-dandy LifeBits stencil onto your paper (I like to line my LifeBits stencil up along the edges…less cutting for me and more that I can squeeze onto my scrap of paper!!)

Using a white gel pen (I love Signo), make “squiggles” inside the borders.  Every once in awhile I might need to stop to get the “crud” off the tip of the pen. That’s just dried white ink/paint.  Don’t go over a line you’ve already drawn.  Signo’s don’t like that. Instead, let it completely dry before outlining the border.

For the words, I SLOWLY traced Jen’s beautiful handwriting. Signo’s don’t like to write fast. No they don’t. Take your time and let the ink flow. Be patient. It will look like chalked writing, which is all the rage. (I also used this technique on the big arrow below.)



Check back on Wednesday to see more ideas with LifeBits.  Here are the stencils and dies that I used on the project above. -Jaime

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