New stencils from Dina Wakley: Chevron Tiles and Four Ferns

Hi, Dina here…I’m happy to share with you two of my new stencil designs!

First…Chevron Tiles. I have a love for all things chevron. Add my love of all things mosaic, and you get this mash-up. The stencil is super versatile and easy to use.


Can you spot both the small and large versions on this layout?

chevron tiles 02

chevron tiles 01

Next up, Four Ferns. I am going to get two of the large size of this stencil, one to keep intact and one to cut apart the four ferns. I’ve been slightly obsessed with this one, putting it on everything!


four ferns 03

four ferns 04

I can’t wait to see what you make!

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New Dina Wakley Stencils: Star Fall and Striped Leaves

I’m back with two more Dina Wakley stencils.

First, we have Star Fall. I love stars almost as much as I love hearts. When my fellas were small, I would always tell them, “Be the star you are!” So stars are a meaningful motif to me in many ways.


star fall 01

star fall 02

I love a stencil that has a strong directionality (did I just make up that word? heh). Sometimes it’s nice to be able to guide the eye in your composition, and a stencil that is linear is great for that. Striped Leaves gives you that linear quality and also just looks cool.


striped leaves 01

striped leaves 02

Enjoy and happy stenciling!

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New Dina Wakley Stencil: Grungy Hearts

Greetings from hot Arizona! I’m here to share another of of my new stencil designs. This one is Grungy Hearts.

Those of you who have had classes from me know I love hearts. Hearts just make me happy. I wanted a heart that was messy and imperfect, so this stencil was born!


Can you also spot Halftone Borders on this page? It has Grungy Hearts in the background, and a Grungy Heart that I cut out and glued on.

grungy heart 01

grungy heart 02

Yay for hearts! I can’t wait to see what you make!

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Two more new Dina Wakley stencils: Halftone Borders and Halftone Circles

Howdy, I’m back to share a couple more of my new stencil designs.

This one is Halftone Borders. What can I say, I still have a thing for dots! I went a little crazy with this one and a can of spray paint. You’ll probably be able to spot it on lots of my projects, I was adding it everywhere. It’s a great accent.


This is a gelatin print with spray paint on the top. Easy & fun!

halftone borders 01

halftone borders 02

To go along with Halftone Borders, we have Halftone Circles. Yep, more dots! The gradation in size is fun to play with, for sure.


To make this background, I used a dry paint brush and acrylic paint.

halftone circles 02

halftone circles 01

Enjoy and happy stenciling!

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A few more new stencils from Dina…

Dina here again with three more stencils from my new release. First up, Roman Letters! This is another stencil that comes from photographs from my travels. Great for backgrounds!


roman 01

Next, another travel-inspired stencil, Mosaic.


On this scrapbook page, I combined both Roman Letters and Mosaic!

dina 02

Last I have Sunray. So many possibilities…it makes me happy.



Lots of creative possibilities abound…I cannot wait to see what you create!

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